Camille Zarsky Invites You to The Seven

Come for the personalized shopping experience, stay for the natural diamonds.

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The Seven store front

Nestled on the corner of Bleeker and Christopher Street, in the heart of the West Village, is a vibrant storefront–covered in an array of sunflowers–called “The Seven.” Its warm and inviting exterior is matched by the cozy and colorful interior, which is home to a plethora of natural diamond jewelry designs. The owner of The Seven, Camille Zarsky, wanted to return to brick-and-mortar in a post-COVID world, but in a way that makes shopping for fine jewlery a more personal and relaxed experience. What makes The Seven so special, is the love and passion for jewelry amongst Camille, the staff, and the brands who showcase their pieces in the store. 

Display cases in The Seven

Camille has been collecting antique jewelry since she was a young girl. “My mother was an avid collector and designer, and my father would also gift me a special antique piece of jewelry every year for my birthday and Christmas,” she said. Growing up in Texas, a love of diamonds and precious gems surrounded her.   

Camille’s family is the main inspiration for The Seven, saying “My family is embedded in so much of this store. My late mother was from a big Italian family, and one of seven sisters.” Adding, “They called themselves “Le Sette Sorelle,” which translates to “The Seven Sisters,” hence where the name of the store emanated from.” She said, “My aunts were like surrogate mothers, and their collecting and buying of special pieces of jewelry was something I always recall from childhood – that also had a big impact on my buying for the store.”

Emily P. Wheeler’s jewelry on display at The Seven.

As for the location, Camille says it was love at first sight. As a West Village resident herself, she loves the neighborhood for its charm and mom-and-pop nature. “I’ve long dreamed of being a part of that atmosphere on Bleeker Street, and fell in love with our current space when I first visited it,” she said. 

Inside The Seven.

Purchasing fine jewelry in traditional brick-and-mortars can be overwhelming, but Camille has curated a selection of natural diamond jewelry that varies in price and styles, so there can be something for everyone. “We are definitely feminine leaning in our buys,” Camille said. Adding, “We tend to be less austere and more “extra,” as my wonderful team would say. In other words, more is more, especially when it comes to sparkle.” Some of the designers featured in The Seven include Emily P. Wheeler, Jenna Blake, Nikos Koulis, Sorellina, Bea Bongiasca, Eva Fehren, and several others.

When Camille is deciding to buy into a designers collection and investing in them for the store, she says it’s embarking on a new partnership. “We want to make sure we have a supportive relationship, and that we are well versed in that designer’s story and the inspiration for the collections we have purchased.” She continued, “So much of our business is about storytelling, and it’s hugely important for us to understand and relay that information back to our customers.” 

Jenna Blake and an assortment of designers on display at The Seven.

Camille curates thoughtful pieces, ones that she believe will resonate with clients, saying, “I look for unique work and am particularly drawn to one-of-a-kind designs that my clients have potential to find a personal connection with and collect as an heirloom.” 

Among the gorgeous selection of jewelry at The Seven is also a fun collection of home goods and hair accessories. A popular seller for her is Deborah Pagani hair pins. “They’re jewels for the hair,” Camille said. She added, “I am always looking for harder to find, more specialized pieces, whether it be fine jewelry or housewares that we also sell.” 

The Seven’s signature gold chains alongside coffee table books sold at the store.

As for the hottest natural diamond trends, Camille says you can’t go wrong with yellow gold and diamonds for a classic combination. For Camille personally, she never takes off her large antique diamond signet ring from The One I Love that she wears on her left pinky. “I bought this for myself when I first embarked on the journey of opening this store and Mia (designer of The One I Love) was one of the first jewelers I ever met with,” she said. The rest is history.