Camille in Paris

“Emily in Paris” actress Camille Razat shows us how the French dress up their diamond jewelry and offers tips for achieving an effortless look.

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Photography by Etienne Baret

Camille Razat wearing diamonds in Paris

Camille Razat may not have been the namesake star of the Netflix hit show Emily in Paris, but as Emily’s sunny, effortlessly chic Parisian friend (coincidentally also named Camille), the Toulouse-born actress and model quickly charmed American viewers. Without question, Razat’s facile embodiment of the trademark French “je ne sais quoi,” both in style and attitude, made her one of the series’s more authentic-feeling—and beloved—components.

It’s that effortless yet hard-to-define everyday elegance that seems to permeate French style—and is surprisingly challenging to emulate. “You need to be careful not to go too overboard,” Razat warns, especially when it comes to dressing oneself up with jewelry. Razat, who considers herself a bit of a tomboy in terms of fashion, says that diamond jewelry in particular should “be worn to elevate a classic look, or to make it more extravagant and edgy.”

In an exclusive interview with Only Natural Diamonds, Razat opens up about her personal style, how she wears her jewelry and some easy ways to incorporate diamonds into any wardrobe.

Camille Razat wearing diamond jewelery
Camille Razat wearing David Yurman. From left to right: Dy Eden ring, Wheaton ring Camille Razat wearring Boucheron Plume de Jour earrings and necklace. and Helena ring, with Stax convertible chain.
Camille Razat wearing Repossi. From left to right. pear diamonds with pink diamond ring and pear diamonds with yellow diamond ring

Growing up, did the women in your life wear a lot of jewelry?

Camille Razat: My first memory of a woman wearing jewelry was my mother. She used to wear so many rings at the same time, which I love! I love stacking rings. I find it stylish and modern. She clearly influenced my way of wearing jewelry.

Did she pass any of her jewelry on to you?

CR: Yes! Specifically, her silver diamond rings. Her fashion style could be described as quite rock and punk, and when it came to matching clothes to jewelry, she had a preference for silver compared to gold

How would you describe your own personal style?

CR: I love wearing diamond jewelry but I don’t just wear diamonds randomly. I have quite a tomboy style, so when I do decide to wear diamonds it’s really because the pieces make the look. A diamond is so special, it’s somewhat of an outfit on its own. For instance, when you have the perfect manicure, diamonds just really stand out. And especially when it comes to events, I can’t imagine a red carpet event without diamonds.

Camille Razat wearing Boucheron Plume de Jour earrings and necklace
Camille Razat wearing Buccellati. Left hand eternelle mini rombi ring and a band ring

What’s your own “perfect manicure” look?

CR: My ideal manicure is to have long nails with a clear color, but to funk it up by painting the tip of the nails in red.

Love that! And how do you mix jewelry into your look when you’re getting dressed?

CR: I love stacking rings, as well as necklaces and earrings. I think it really elevates any outfit. And when my outfit is a bit complicated, I do the opposite and wear just one single, yet big, diamond piece. When wearing diamonds, you need to be careful not to go too overboard, to really keep an emphasis on the jewelry pieces, and make them shine as much as possible.

Who are some of your favorite jewelry designers? Do you tend to gravitate towards more classic or modern styles of bijoux? Practical or extravagant?

CR: I don’t have one specific favorite jewelry designer, but I really fell in love with Repossi and Buccellati during this shoot. Generally, I like vintage-style diamond jewelry, specifically pieces by Cartier and Chanel. And I like the jewelry to be extravagant.

“The Fendi leather coat is such an elaborate piece of clothing that I decided to match it with just two Buccellati diamond rings. It’s actually my favorite look.”

What’s your favorite piece of “everyday” jewelry that you find yourself constantly wearing?

CR: My grandmother’s rings. She has these incredible gold diamond vintage rings. One of the diamond rings has more of a 1920s aesthetic, and the other one is more contemporary. Both were designed by my grandmother herself. They’re quite discreet, which is perfect as they go well with every kind of look. They’ve become my lucky charms.

Do you wear them together as a pair? How?

CR: I do wear them as a pair. I often tend to stack the rings, but I also like to wear them across different fingers, like the index, the ring finger or even on the thumb.

What are some chic ways to layer multiple pieces of jewelry, like rings or necklaces?

CR: If you have a big diamond rings, you should put the biggest diamond on your ring finger, the medium one on the middle finger, and the smallest on the index. And maybe a small diamond on the thumb for that extra spark. For necklaces, just use different lengths and materials and don’t hesitate to mix silver and gold.

Is there such a thing as “trop,”—or too much—especially when diamonds are involved?

CR: Sometimes, a big diamond piece is necessary to complete a look. But it can also be the case that a smaller, more discreet diamond piece is enough to make you radiate with sparkles. Diamonds are personal. In other words, they should be worn for yourself and not for others.

Camille Razat wearing diamond jewelery
Camille Razat wearing Chanel Camélia collection
Camille Razat wearing diamond jewelery
Camille Razat wearing Messika collection by Kate Moss
Chanel sketch