How Buddha Mama’s Mother-Daughter Team Are Creating Heirlooms For the Next Generation

Nancy and Dakota Badia infuse their spirituality and passion into every natural diamond design.

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Nancy Badia and her daughter Dakota didn’t mean to dress in unison when they arrived at the Natural Diamond Council’s Villa at COUTURE Las Vegas for our sit-down interview. But the mother-daughter design team behind Buddha Mama pulled off the shades of blue together effortlessly, paired with plenty of sparkling natural diamonds.

Nancy started the business almost accidentally when stringing beads at her kitchen table to raise funds for her local Buddhist center, Zen Village in Miami, Florida. Dakota eventually joined her as they found their creative passion in fine jewelry and traveled the world in search of stones, carvings, and artisans to partner with in bringing their designs to life.

Learn more about their diamond design journey and what’s next for the brand.