An Inside Look At Bucherer’s New Collection

The Rock Diamond collection is seriously special.

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Bucherer, the European jewelry brand known for its precise craftsmanship and use of rare and unique gemstones, is launching an exciting new collection with a focus on natural diamonds. The Rock Diamond collection features unique trapezoid-cut diamonds, which add a sense of depth and dimension to each piece within the collection. “The staircase-shaped arrangement of the facets achieves a special depth effect while the cut reveals more surface at the same time,” reveals Bucherer in a press release.

Trapezoid-cut diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds come together in each piece to create a look of “organized chaos” and the polished gold settings add even more radiance to the collection. “All the elements of the individual creations come together with a unique dynamism that makes each piece dance and shine,” says the brand. Overlapping and superimposed diamonds are eye-catching and add another element of sparkle to the collection.

To learn even more about the inspiration behind the collection, OND was lucky enough to speak with the brand’s VP of Jewelry, Fiona Zumtobel. Ahead, Zumtobel speaks to Bucherer’s idea of classic style, the trapezoid cut featured throughout the collection, and the use of natural diamonds throughout.

Photo: Andrew Werner

Only Natural Diamonds: What was the inspiration behind this new collection?

Fiona Zumtobel: A unique approach, balancing the unbalanced and celebrating diamonds, in all their beautiful facets and angles.

OND: What makes a trapezoid cut diamond so special and why were they included specifically in this collection?

FZ: Rock Diamonds is a balance between Trapezoid and Brilliant Cut. It is precisely this combination of brilliant and trapezoid cut that makes it quite extraordinary. The trapezoid cut, with its elongated bottom side, creates a sparkle and dazzle of a hall of mirror effect that reflects from side to side and deep within. The classic brilliant cut radiates right at you. When you shine across, below, and above, the impact is quite stunning.


OND: What goes into the development of a new collection at Bucherer Fine Jewelry?

FZ: First of all, it begins with our passionate team with a deep desire to create the unexpected. As part of the design evaluation, we attempt to bring a new dimension to Bucherer Fine Jewellery. The curation unfolds itself from art and inspiration into product development. There is an experimental and geometrical approach that heroes the trapezoid and the brilliant cut diamonds and their remarkable effects. Its symmetry and asymmetry.

OND: Why is it important to the brand to use natural diamonds?

FZ: Diamonds are one of Earth’s greatest marvels. Bucherer is honored to manufacture jewelry with this very special stone. Bucherer being a family business with a rich history of 135 years, we feel it is important to honor Earth made, with its unmatched history of 1 billion years.


OND: What type of client did you have in mind when debuting this collection?

FZ: Every client that appreciates diamonds combined with bold, daring but sophisticated designs

OND: How does Bucherer Fine Jewelry define a new classic?

FZ: A classic for Bucherer Fine Jewelry is defined by something that has its rightful place today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.