Ali Weiss Wants You to Get Pierced

The jewelry designer’s new store in Roslyn, New York
offers luxury piercing and hundreds of natural diamonds.

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Settled in the quiet historic town of Rosyln, Long Island, is a vibrant and eclectic jewelry store, owned by designer Ali Weiss. This marks the natural diamond jewelry designer’s second brick-and-mortar location, the first being in Armonk New York. The store consists of perfectly curated cases, cozy couches, and is complete with an abundance of natural lighting, which is perfect for diamond sparkles. The store feels like an extension of her: warm and inviting, almost like you are walking into her home. Weiss greeted us decked out head-to-toe in natural diamond jewelry, which is something we at Only Natural Diamonds, absolutely love.

Ali Weiss

Weiss is a born and raised New Yorker, and has been a jeweler since 2005. She has always loved jewelry, but before designing fine jewelry, she had a long and fulfilling career in special education. Her pivot to the jewelry industry happened by chance when she met jewelry designer Helen Ficalora. Weiss was a client of hers and introduced friends and family to Ficalora’s jewelry, eventually helping at trunk shows and kickstarting her career as a designer. Weiss’ designs are meant to be worn daily, even with sweatpants. Creating unique natural diamond jewelry is her specialty, but styling her clients is what she truly loves. 

Courtesy of Ali Weiss

One of the most notable additions to the Roslyn store is the in-house piercing parlor, that is set behind glass walls, and decorated with a purple neon sign that reads “Let’s get pierced.” Weiss said, “I wanted to create a luxury piercing experience that was not in Manhattan.” Adding, I wanted this piercing experience to be accessible for people outside of the city.” Bringing luxury piercing out to Long Island has already proved to be successful since opening in September. “The store on the weekends is packed. A lot of people walk in to get pierced, and you can also make appointments online” Weiss noted. 

The piercing studio. Courtesy of Ali Weiss.

While personally visiting the store, I couldn’t not get pierced. Weiss spent so much time with me and her in-house piercer, who carefully looked at the little space I had left on my ears (I have 13 ear piercings). Once picking a placement (my upper lobe), Weiss opened up the most magical case of natural diamond jewelry to select an earring. With hundreds of different earrings to choose from, I selected a gold stud that gave the illusion of a hoop, adorned with natural diamonds. A quick, painless poke was all it took to upgrade my earscape

Some of the natural diamond earrings to choose from. Courtesy of Ali Weiss.

Whether you are shopping, getting pierced, or looking for a serious jewelry upgrade, Weiss and her staff are ready to welcome and assist you with all your natural diamond needs.