7 Exciting Jewelry Books Hitting Shelves This Fall

These stunning volumes are sure to make your coffee table sparkle.

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What’s almost as thrilling as wearing diamonds? Looking at them, of course. And thanks to some of our favorite book publishers, you can ogle timeless treasures from the comfort of your home this fall, no visit to the jewelry store required. Whether you’re in the mood to mindlessly flip through pages of stunning vintage pieces or devour the rich history of notable designers, there’s a book to indulge every opulent literary craving. So if you’re on the fence about buying that new pair of earrings, satisfy your shopping impulse by hitting pre-order on one of the new jewelry books below.

Ice Cold. A Hip-Hop Jewelry History by Vikki Tobak

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In the world of hip-hop, dripping in diamonds has long been the status quo. From Run-DMC’s legendary medallions in the 1980s through the over-the-top grills worn by Megan the Stallion today, rap music’s biggest stars can’t seem to get enough of their prized jewels—and that relationship is precisely what author Vikki Tobak chronicles in her new book, out in October. With over 500 photographs of heavy hitters like Beyonce and Cardi B alongside personal essays by LL Cool J and A$AP Ferg, this detailed visual history of the blinged-out genre offers a fascinating take on how “ice” became a crucial part of hip-hop’s identity.

Taschen, $100; taschen.com

Eveli: A Jeweler’s Memoir by Eveli Sabatie

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Algerian jewelry artist Eveli Sabatie shares stories and poems about her life and, accordingly, her life’s work. She reflects on her apprenticeship under master Hopi jewelry-maker Charles Loloma on an Arizona reservation, provides insight into her creative process—she uses homemade tools to infuse her carved, textured designs with raw materials found in nature—and offers philosophical musings on the state of humanity, to boot. But it’s the colorful photographs (over 500!) of one-of-a-kind Hopi and Moroccan-inspired mosaic pieces featured in her memoir, out in October, that truly command attention, from ammonite fossils and ivory animal renderings to stunning lapis, coral, and turquoise designs.

ACC Art Books, $75, accartbooks.com

Tiffany & Co: Vision & Virtuality by Vivienne Becker

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With this tome on your coffee table, you can have Breakfast at Tiffany’s every day. Jewelry historian Vivienne Becker provides insight into the 185-year-old company’s history, highlighting the inspirations for Tiffany & Co’s creative campaigns, dreamy window displays, and the brand’s iconic little blue box in an all-encompassing volume that hits shelves in October. Accompanying the stories are dazzling photos of archival pieces, including the 128.54-carat yellow Tiffany Diamond that was most recently worn by Beyonce in an ad for the brand. In the words of Queen Bey herself? Flawless.

Assouline, $75, assouline.com

What Shall I Wear?: The What, Where, When, and How Much of Fashion by Claire McCardell

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“Sometimes yesterday’s jewelry loses the look of the past and becomes tomorrow,” fashion designer Claire McCardell mused in her style guide, first published in 1956. Like many of the trends she critiqued, McCardell’s advice has come back around with a modern refresh. A new edition of her revolutionary book, available now, features a foreword by Tory Burch, as well as additional photos from the late legend’s archives. As Burch carefully notes, the original publication includes “dated language” and “archaic suggestions” that would never make it to print today, but the sentiment of McCardell’s message—one of self-expression and female empowerment—still shines through in tales about the glass beads, brass bracelets, and pearl bibs that she acquired on trips everywhere from Woolworth’s to Austria.

Abrams, $25, abramsbooks.com

A Mind of Their Own: Jewelry from Austria. Focusing on Women Artists by Ursula Guttmann, Susanne Hammer, and Gabriele Kutschera

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On the subject of Austria, this book spotlights the rich history of the country’s jewelry industry. A trio of artists and fashion experts—Ursula Guttman, Susanne Hammer, and Gabriele Kutschera—turn their attention to the women designers, in particular, whose lasting influence has shaped Austria’s avant-garde jewelry scene dating back to the 1970s. With text in German and English, the publication (out on Sept. 26) accompanies a long-running exhibition at the country’s Museum Angerlehner and explores the changing materials, techniques, and philosophies associated with jewelry as a medium.

Arnoldsche, $50, accartbooks.com

The Joy of It: The Houses and Collections of Marjorie Merriweather Post foreword by Kate Markert with contributions by Wilfred Zeisler, Megan J. Martinelli, and Jason Speck

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Marjorie Merriweather Post was as known for her philanthropic endeavors as she was for her vast personal collections of exceptional objects, which were on display in her many, pristinely-kept residences. The late Hillwood founder was most interested in Western European art and eighteenth-century French culture; she also had a penchant for procuring everything from rich historical tapestries and Russian porcelain to items that once belonged to Catherine the Great. In documenting Post’s one-of-a-kind possessions, this book—which is out on Oct. 11 and includes a foreword by Kate Markert as well as contributions by Wilfred Zeisler, Megan J. Martinelli, and Jason Speck—includes a chapter on gemstones and jewels so opulent, they truly must be seen to be believed.

Purchase info: Rizzoli Electa, $60, rizzoliusa.com

Women Jewellery Designers by Juliet Weir-De Rouchefoucauld

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In her celebration of women jewelers across the globe, Juliet Weir-De Rouchefoucauld applauds the work and legacy of designers like Coco Chanel, Paloma Picasso, Jeanne Toussaint, and Elsa Peretti. She begins exploration at the end of the 19th century, when the jewelry industry was dominated by men, and traces the impact of the suffragette movement, the Arts & Crafts movement, and, later, the two World Wars on women in fashion. As she takes readers on a journey through the history of jewelry-making that leads to the present, the author—who is a Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain—examines themes of color, light, proportion, and nature. Needless to say, there’s eye candy on every page of the book, out on Oct. 22.

ACC Art Books, $65, accartbooks.com