6 Jewelry Designers Making Their COUTURE Debut in 2022

These designers are hitting the COUTURE jewelry show running.

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Las Vegas’ COUTURE show is back in 2022 and better than ever. After a smaller-scale presentation due to COVID in 2021, 2022’s show is bringing unique designs, innovative jewelry-making techniques, inspiration from around the globe, and of course natural diamonds. This year, you’ll also be seeing plenty of new designers making their COUTURE debut, an exciting milestone in any jeweler’s career.

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At COUTURE, designers will be showing off their newest collections, debut designers included, with some showing their first-ever full collection, diamonds and all. Below, get to know some of the best and brightest in designer jewelry and get excited to see a lot more from them at COUTURE and beyond.


couture 2022 tabayer
Courtesy of Tabayer

Founded by Uzbekistan native Nigora Tokhtabayeva, Tabayer’s pieces are meant to be worn as a talisman of protection, evoking the idea of jewelry having the power to guard as well as adorn us. The designs themselves are inspired by sculptural objects and the pieces are all crafted from environmentally conscious and ethically sourced materials. Tabayer’s designs were also included in our first-ever cover shoot with Karen Elson.


couture 2022 darius
Courtesy of Darius

Darius also designs her pieces with the power of protection and the archaeological past in mind. This inspiration is clear in founder Darius Khonsary’s bracelets, rings, necklaces and more all made by hand using traditional materials like satin-finished gold and old-mine cut diamonds. You may have spotted Darius Jewels on stars like Hunter Shafer of Euphoria fame and Tommy Dorfman.

Uniform Object

couture 2022 uniform object
Courtesy of Uniform Object

Attention to detail and unique angular shapes set Uniform Object apart from the rest. Designer David Farrugia takes traditional pieces and turns them into fresh, new styles like his heavy metal tennis necklace and hoop and spur earrings.

Jenna Blake

jenna blake couture 2022
Courtesy of Jenna Blake

Founder Jenna Grosfield describes herself as “anything but minimalist” and it translates into her beautiful, vintage-inspired jewelry. Meant to be worn in layers, her pieces are bold, featuring bright colors, playful textures and of course, natural diamonds.


couture 2022 sauer
Courtesy of Sauer

Sauer is one of the most highly regarded jewelry houses in Brazil, with an 80-year history of innovative design and renowned gemstones. Stephanie Wenk has been the creative director of Sauer since 2013 and is responsible for simultaneously updating and preserving the Brazilian brand’s DNA while carrying it into the 21st century.

The Radiance by COUTURE 

the radiance by couture 2022

 A new initiative from couture itself, The Radiance by COUTURE features a showcase of capsule collections created by 13 new designers featuring diamonds with De Beers’ Code of Origin. A culmination of the COUTURE’s new mentorship program, Diversity Action Council (DAC), the capsule collections will be shown for the first time ever on the COUTURE show floor. The designers include Angely Martinez, Ashley Thorne of A.M. Thorne, Jules Kim of Bijules, Kassandra Gordon of KLG Jewellery, Khadijah Fulton of White/Space, Lola Oladunjoye of Lola Fenhirst, Lorraine West, Maggi Simpkins, Melanie Eddy, Olivia Shih, Sara Bautista of Common Rite Supply, Viviana Langhoff, and Zulaikha Aziz of Mazahri.