10 Gorgeous Diamond Bracelets Seen at COUTURE

You can never have enough diamond bracelets. Here are 10 of the most spectacular pieces from COUTURE.

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Designers are continually finding new ways to reinvent the classic diamond bracelet. From unusual cuts to avant-garde designs to unique settings, we’ve found ten of the most beautiful diamond bracelets at the COUTURE jewelry show this year.

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1. Ondyn

This year, New York City-based Ondyn made its COUTURE debut with a tightly curated collection of sculptural jewelry featuring articulated diamonds. Each piece has a subtle movement to it, so the pieces perfectly drape across the contours of the body. This open cuff features the brand’s signature bezel-set articulated diamonds. They slightly move to fit your wrist perfectly.

2. Suzanne Kalan

Suzanne Kalan is known for her brilliant use of baguette diamonds in the Fireworks collection. This year, she explored another diamond she loves: the princess cut. This bracelet is an updated take on the classic tennis bracelet. It features princess cut diamonds that are set at different angles, each set alongside a baguette diamond—of course.

3. Vram

Until now, Vram, a Los Angeles-based jewelry designer, has only worked in yellow gold. It took several years and many iterations to find the perfect white gold that didn’t need to be rhodium-plated. The result? A warm white gold, which debuted in this new diamond bracelet. We love how the unique hue makes the diamonds appear even more brilliant.

4. Amrapali

Amrapali creates beautiful pieces that blend the style of traditional Indian jewelry with modern sensibilities. This bracelet features a mosaic of diamonds in different shapes. The dark setting accentuates the diamonds’ sparkle.

5. Studio Renn

Studio Renn was founded in Bombay, India in 2018, but is already making waves for its abstract creations and unique inspirations. Inspired by dried orange peels, this incredible bracelet is crafted from highly polished gold with the perimeter of each link set with brilliant diamonds. Inside the curved peels lies a secret: hidden rubies, visible only as reflections in the gold.

6. Picchiotti

Italian jeweler Picchiotti is known for its expandable jewelry, which uses a unique technology to allow pieces to stretch open. This tennis bracelet slips over your hand and stretches to comfortably fit any size wrist.

7. Fernando Jorge

Brazilian designer Fernando Jorge’s latest collection, Flame, features a unique take on the tennis bracelet. The Flicker bracelet features diagonally placed pear-shaped diamonds set within curved yellow or white gold settings. Each evokes the top of a flickering fire. The collection also included the stunning High Flare bracelet, his most valuable piece to date.

8. Kamyen

For generations, Dubai-based jeweler Kamyen was known for its exquisite high jewelry. In recent years, it created a fine jewelry collection that makes its beautiful pieces more accessible. (There’s still plenty of beautiful high jewelry, of course!) This bracelet features marquise cut diamonds trimmed in brilliant blue enamel. We love the unique combination.

9. Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni’s ultra-feminine pieces are inspired by nature’s beauty. This showstopping bracelet features three rows of diamond-set petals. The petals are different sizes and set at different heights, which gives the bracelet a natural, organic feel. We also love the mix of white and rose gold.

10. Sylva & Cie

This open cuff from Sylva & Cie has three tiers that lead to a beautiful diamond panel. The diamonds are set in darkened metal, which beautifully contrasts with the clear crystal.