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How to Rock the Mismatched Diamond Earring Trend

The hottest earring style is a mixture of sparkling shapes and sizes.

How to Rock the Mismatched Diamond Earring TrendAna Khouri
Ana Khouri

Scarlett Johansson rocked the red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards in striking mismatched natural diamond earrings, a look that gave the classic pear-shaped stones an edgy appeal. Designed by Anita Ko for Forevermark, the earrings featured exceptional pear-shaped diamond drops—one resting on a single row of round diamonds, and the other, hanging from a loop of diamonds—with a total carat weight of 26.65. Johansson wasn’t the only celebrity sporting the popular trend. At Hollywood’s biggest event of the year, Charlize Theron wore a single large diamond stud on one ear, and three studs with a simple gold bar on the other, while Cynthia Erivo turned heads in Piaget’s diamond ear climbers mixed with multiple small dangling diamonds and ear cuffs.

The mismatched earring trend isn’t just for red carpet events, it’s a great way to express your individuality and style any day of the week. Mismatched earrings are having such a big moment that designers and brands are now selling asymmetrical sets and single earrings. The bonus to this trend:  if you’ve lost a favorite earring, you can still wear the single without its mate.

Asymmetrical and mismatched earrings started getting attention over the past few years when models began strutting down the runways at Balenciaga, Dior and Chanel wearing a mishmash of large statement-making earring styles. Then Meghan Markle made it an everyday look by mixing her ear climbers with stars and geometric studs.

Maria Tash
Lana Jewelry

“Mismatched earrings are a hot trend right now because they give you a cool girl feel while conveying your own individual style”

“Mismatched earrings are a hot trend right now because they give you a cool girl feel while conveying your own individual style,” says celebrity stylist Cristina Ehrlich, who observes that the trend gives people an opportunity to get creative with their own pieces and add to their collections. “Chances are, if you’re mismatching two of your favorite earrings, you’ll be the only one with that combination.”

Jewelry designer Valérie Messika’s style signifier is asymmetrical earrings. The chic designer is always seen wearing a mixture of earring styles including studs, drops and climbers. The Messika collection offers sets of small and large diamond ear climbers and long and short diamond drops. Known for what she calls “breaking the codes” of traditional jewelry, the Paris-based designer creates large diamond earrings in sleek and modern settings with hardly a trace of visible metal.

Kismet by Milka

From simple studs and hoops to playful charms and symbols, the mix of earrings is a way for women to tell their own stories. “It’s a means of self-expression and a way for women to feel a little edgy without committing to something as permanent as a tattoo,” says Alysa Teichman of Ylang23, which has a shop in Dallas and a robust online business. “Our clients (both in-store and online) are obsessed with bringing out their individuality through piercings, and we are here to take part in that joy!”

Teichman suggests you start building your earring look with pieces you love and add on styles, from personal charms and diamond-studded sticks to geometric shapes depending on your mood. “The mismatched earring trend looks good on literally everyone,” she says. “We have seen women in their 80s get pierced at our store, and they look and feel amazing.” Teichman’s top picks for little earrings are Maria Tash and Pamela Love, and she gravitates towards Sydney Evan, Alison Lou, Jennifer Meyer and Celine Daoust for mix-and-match studs. “We also love Irene Neuwirth’s single earrings, which elevate any look.”

Wearing mismatched earrings is a way to add a sense of playfulness, edginess or glamour to your personal style, and it’s a trend that is here to stay because, as Teichman notes, women are just beginning to discover all of the look’s creative options.