Diamonds in the Stars: Cancer

Looking for a birthday present for that Cancer in your life? These diamond jewelry picks are as good as it gets.

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In honor of its season, the Natural Diamond Council, in partnership Dossé-Via, presents its latest installment of “Diamonds in the Stars,” a celebration of zodiac-themed jewelry made by many of today’s independent jewelers.

Dossé-Via wearing Milamore, David Webb, LuvmyJewelry and Anita Ko pendant with LuvmyJewelry ring.
Dossé-Via wearing Milamore and David Webb pendant with Tara Hirshberg earring.

So, here’s lookin’ at you, Cancer; Dossé-Via’s captivating edit and insights for you await. And don’t forget to check back as we round out our series with each unique sign of the zodiac.

Dossé-Via wearing Milamore, David Webb, Luvmy Jewelry and Anita Ko pendant with Luvmy Jewelry ring and Tara Hirshberg earring.

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