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Diamond Essentials: Eternity Bands

The style is often worn as a wedding band or an alternative engagement ring.

Diamond Essentials: Eternity BandsIn 1993 Calvin Klein posed with his then wife Kelly who is wearing the diamond and gold eternity band that once belonged to the Duchess of Windsor. Getty Photo
In 1993 Calvin Klein posed with his then wife Kelly who is wearing the diamond and gold eternity band that once belonged to the Duchess of Windsor. Getty Photo

As a symbol of commitment, the concept of eternity bands is quite practical. Featuring a full circle of precious stones, the diamond bands are brilliant symbols of everlasting love.

Turns out that the style has also been around for, well, an eternity. First appearing thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt and Greece, the rings originally featured a motif known as the Ouroboros, a snake wrapping around the ring and biting its own tail. Though it might sound sinister, this was in fact a representation of undying adoration.

Eventually during the Art Deco era in the 1920s,the snake motif was replaced with the full circle of precious stones that identifies the style to this day.

Sleek and easy to wear, this eternity band evolution earned instant popularity amongst brides. One of the first high-profile women to sport a diamond eternity band as a wedding band was Marina, Duchess of Kent, who married Prince George at Westminster Abbey in 1935.

More recently the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has enhanced her engagement ring and wedding band stack with a Lorraine Schwartz micro pavé-set diamond eternity band given to her by Prince Harry when their son Archie was born.

Hailey Bieber, Getty Photo
Foundrae ring

Hailey Bieber’s wedding band is a Soleste eternity band by Tiffany;  a scroll through her Instagram reveals how she often wears it alongside a mini-wardrobe of other glamorous eternity bands on her right hand. 

Many famous brides have also chosen to wear eternity bands as a minimalist alternative to traditional solitaire engagement rings, using them as an engagement ring and wedding band rolled into one.

Harwell Godfrey ring
Jessica McCormack ring

In 1954 Audrey Hepburn received a delicate diamond eternity band engagement ring with horizontally set baguette-cut diamonds made by Gübelin of Zurich from actor Mel Ferrer.

Around the same time, Marilyn Monroe was given an eternity band from her husband, baseball legend Joe DiMaggio. The jewel, which she too wore as her engagement ring, was a statement piece with 36 vertically set baguette-cut diamonds.

In 1993 Calvin Klein posed with his then wife Kelly who is wearing the diamond and gold eternity band that once belonged to the Duchess of Windsor. Getty Photo
John Kennedy with Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy who is wearing her diamond and eternity band engagement ring at an event in 1993. Getty photo

Fashion designer Calvin Klein bought a historic eternity band for his wife Kelly in 1987 at the Sotheby’s estate sale of The Jewels of the Duchess of Windsor. Composed of a row of vertically set emerald-cut diamonds sandwiched between two bulbous bands of gold, the chunky eternity band that Mrs. Klein wore as her engagement ring during the course of the couple’s 20 year marriage, was made around 1962 by the Parisian jeweler Darde & Fils and

Calvin Klein was so enchanted by the romantic history of eternity bands that he named a fragrance launched in 1988, Eternity by Calvin Klein. 

In 1995 John Kennedy, Jr. proposed to Carolyn Bessette with a diamond eternity band punctuated with sapphires. The jewel was reportedly made by Jackie Kennedy’s longtime love, the gem dealer and jeweler Maurice Tempelsman.

Sofia Coppola at an event in 2013 wearing her Cartier eternity band engagement ring with her Verdura cuff bracelet. Getty Photo

Around 2011, director Sofia Coppola received, as an engagement ring from musician Thomas Mars, a diamond eternity band believed to be from French jeweler Cartier’s Maillon Panthère collection.

Today lots of designer’s infuse eternity bands with elegant, interesting and playful details that keep the style as coveted as ever.

Anita Ko ring
Single Stone ring

Jessica McCormack makes an eye-catching eternity band set with 12 half moon shaped diamonds set in blackened white gold.

Anita Ko adds movement to her eternity band with two rows of baguette cut diamonds set at an angle to look like a zipper.

Single Stone in California has a vast array of eternity bands including a vintage inspired design named Gabby set with rose-cut diamonds.

KatKim ring
Spinelli Kilcollin ring

Harwell Godfrey makes a sculptural eternity band, named Rosa, that is lit up with pavé-set diamonds.

Kat Kim plays with open spaces in her delicate diamond double row eternity band.

Spinelli Kilcollin adds extra bands to their eternity band of horizontally set baguettes giving the piece added movement.

Foundrae makes slender baguette shape diamond bands that can be worn alone or stacked with other rings, like the firm’s signature champlevé enamel designs.