3 Best New Designers Making Their COUTURE Debut

These designers are making waves at their first COUTURE 2021.

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The COUTURE jewelry show brings out the best diamond jewelry designers, and this year’s show is no different. Here are three designers that are making their debut at COUTURE 2021.

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Nature is a common inspiration for jewelers but usually it’s the feminine curves of flowers that get all the attention. However,  Bombay-based Studio Renn has looked to the prickly cacti family as the basis for their new collection. Using the clean lines and folds of the cacti as a jumping-off point, Studio Renn’s cool and modern diamond jewelry has a spike of dangerous edge. 


Little Ones Paris has found a new way to do mom jewelry—with girl and boy stick figures made entirely of diamonds. Designer Amelie Brunswick utilized diamonds of different cuts to create her figurines and then strung them on beaded necklaces of turquoise,  lapis and pink opal. The cool layering necklaces are discreetly “mommy” while being cool and on-trend.


A newcomer to couture, David Gusky has built his brand DAVIDOR on a foundation of architecture. The cornerstone of his collection is the classical arch shape, a starting point that civilzations have built whole cities upon.  The arches grace his popular enamel bangles available in a rainbow of colors and 18 karat gold, and most recently his high jewelry version featuring a diamond studded version with special arch-cut stones of F+ VVS1 quality, all hand-set in platinum.