An Absolutely Massive Diamond Was Just Unearthed

Say hello to 378 carats of magnificence.

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The average diamond engagement ring is said to weigh approximately two carats; diamond studs average in at half a carat per pop. So just imagine the spectacularity of one single diamond that weighs 378 (!!!) carats.

For reference, that’s equal to 315 engagement rings… or 756 diamond studs. Yowza.

So you can imagine the excitement when an unbroken white natural diamond of just that size was recently unearthed from Lucara Diamond Corporation’s Karowe Mine in Botswana. Recovered from direct mining, the rare top quality IIa gem marks the second 300+ carat diamond discovered there this year—less than one full month into 2021.

Lucara’s Karowe Mine is quickly making a global name for itself as a leading source of natural diamonds. Not to mention, its recent success in uncovering massive stones is also proving to be a major economic driver for Botswana.

We have a feeling the dazzle has only just begun…