The 4th Largest Diamond Ever Has Just Been Uncovered

It weighs in at a whooping 998 carats (!!!).

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When you look at the engagement ring of someone like, say, Kim Kardashian West, it’s hard for your jaw not to drop. After all, it stars a brilliant diamond that reportedly weighs 20 carats.

Now close your eyes, and picture a diamond nearly 50 times the size of Mrs. West’s. Because believe it or not, that’s exactly what Lucara Diamond Corporation recently unearthed from Botswana’s Karowe Diamond Mine.

Though still in its roughest form—i.e., it appears rock-like next to any typical glittering engagement ring diamond—the 998 carat diamond is quite literally filled with gems.

It also marks the fourth largest diamonds ever discovered, ranking just behind monstrous stones including the world’s most massive, the Cullinan Diamond, which, found back in 1905, boasts an unfathomable 3106.75 carats; plus the Sewelo (1758 carats) and Lesedi La Rona (1109 carats), both also sourced from Botswana’s Karowe Mine.

Impressively unbroken, Lucara’s new diamond recovery is a huge economic driver to Botswana. Not to mention a super exciting addition to the world for jewel enthusiasts everywhere.