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The Ultimate Guide to Jewelry Gifts for Mom

The Ultimate Guide to Jewelry Gifts for Mom was created to make it easy to find jewelry that all mamas will truly value.

Watch: Cartier from Beladora / Bracelet: Sydney Evan

If there’s ever an occasion that ought to be celebrated with a diamond, the most precious of jewels and a symbol of everlasting love, it’s the birth of a child. While the new arrival will—rightfully—be the center of everyone’s attention, it’s also a time to express a little gratitude to the woman who made the special delivery possible. The gift of meaningful jewelry that marks a passage into parenthood, also known as a “push present,” will be a lifelong reminder of a special time and treasured relationship.

The Ultimate Guide to Jewelry Gifts for Mom was created to make it easy to find a gift that new mamas, or any mother, will truly value.

Pendants from Top: Alison Lou, Walters Faith, Monica Rich Kosann

Sign Language:
Jewelry with Hearts and Other Symbols 

Jewelry featuring signs and symbols, like the universally familiar heart motif, wordlessly tells a story of love, connection and devotion, making them exceptionally popular gifts for new parents. Love knots, protective talismans and celestial shapes are all ways to express enduring affection and are therefore are all fitting choices. While some designers even create special mommy-and-me designs in diamonds and precious metal that represent the bond between mother and child, really any symbol that has special resonance for its recipient makes a thoughtful gift.

Ring: Lorraine Schwartz
Necklace: Single Stone
Pendant: Toni + Chloë Goutal

Say It With Diamonds:
Jewelry with Letters and Numbers

The arrival of a child brings with it a series of new signposts—names, dates and sentiments— with profound personal meaning. Jewels that reference those connections do double duty as adornments and direct reminders of the times and people that matter most. What’s more, they are ideal conversation starters for a new parent who never tires of bragging about a new baby. Whether it’s a charm or ID bracelet engraved with a special message, a bangle bearing a birthdate in diamond-set numbers or a signet ring with a significant initial, there are endless ways to customize a jewel to make it a singular expression of love. And variations on the theme exist to suit every sensibility, be it whimsical and colorful or old world and traditional.

Ring: Jennifer Meyer
Watch: Cartier from Beladora
Bracelet: Sydney Evan

Time to Shine:
Watches as a Gift for Mom

From high school graduation to retirement and all the turning points in between, a watch is a gift that signifies a major rite of passage. And becoming a parent certainly qualifies as one of those life-changing events. A fine watch elevates the act of keeping time and when a child arrives, every moment feels precious and worthy of consideration; each day brings new growth, a new milestone.

The world of watch design is just as varied as any other category of jewelry. With a sea of diamond-accented options that range from flowery and highly embellished to streamlined and gender neutral, there’s a timepiece that corresponds to every taste. And on a practical note: a watch will help keep track of nap times and how long to warm baby’s next bottle.

Everyday Diamonds:
Jewelry Gifts Mom Will Wear on Repeat

Despite late night feedings and diaper changes that might make it a little more difficult to pull off, parenthood doesn’t erase the impulse to look polished and put together.. That’s why jewelry that’s effortless to wear around the clock is a lifesaving gifts for moms who crave a dose of glamour but lack the time to devote to dressing up. Untrendy designs that won’t show their age after a few years fit the bill for this category; look for pieces with simple silhouettes, like studs, hoops, eternity bands and tennis necklaces. After all, these essentials will literally illuminate the hectic days after a newborn comes home and remain wardrobe staples even when the kid heads off to college.

Bracelet: Kavant & Sharart
Pendant: Stephen Russell
Ring: Beladora

Putting on the Glitz:
Luxurious Diamond Jewelry Gifts for Mom

If the mom you’re shopping for already owns a collection of personal jewels that she wears regularly, giving her a piece that turns up the carats for a dressed-up outing could be the answer. Elegant chandelier earrings, glittering rivières and cocktail rings with sizable solitaires might not make an appearance every day, but when they do it’s an occasion to remember. They are eternal heirloom pieces that will be reliable companions for landmark events time after time. Not to mention, the family’s new arrival may even inherit these gifts one day…

Earrings: Tiffany & Co.
Necklace: De Beers