Meet 8 Fascinating Women Who Shaped the Diamond Industry

These are the power players you need to know.

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In honor of International Women’s Day, a recognition and celebration of the achievements of females all over the globe, we are highlighting just a few of the women who have helped to make the diamond industry sparkle like it does today. Get inspired.

Eira Thomas

The Diamond Whisperer: Eira Thomas

Straight out of college, geologist Eira Thomas struck it big: in 1994, she began prospecting for diamonds on Canada’s frozen tundra and she led the team that uncovered a two carat diamond. It was the first stone to emerge from what became the Diavik mine, which produces about seven million carats of gem-quality diamonds annually. Today, as Chief Executive of Lucara Diamond Corporation—and the first female CEO of a major diamond mining company—she’s ushering in a new era in mining and distribution.

Nayla Hayek Diamond

The Queen of Diamonds: Nayla Hayek

When Swiss billionaire Nayla Hayek purchased the legendary jewelry brand Harry Winston in 2013, she promised to uphold Mr. Winston’s reputation as the ‘King of Diamonds.’ Shortly after the acquisition, Hayek went on a record-breaking buying spree, acquiring an 18.96 carat fancy vivid pink diamond for $50 million, a 13 carat fancy blue diamond for nearly $24 million and a flawless 101.73 carat diamond for $26.7 million. And she hasn’t stopped since.

Frances Gerety (Photo courtesy of De Beers)

The Diamond Dreamer: Frances Gerety

Frances Gerety was a junior copywriter at N.W. Ayer & Son in 1947 when she was asked to come up with a slogan for De Beers that expressed the romance of a diamond. Late one night at the office, she wrote down “a diamond is forever,” a tagline that inextricably tied diamonds to lasting love. That famous tagline was awarded the slogan of the century by Advertising Age in 1999, and after 75 years, it remains emblazoned in everyone’s conscience when they think of love and diamonds.

Alisa Moussaieff (Photo by Mikhail Mendelevich)

The Matriarch of Bond Street: Alisa Moussaieff

Nothing stops octogenarian Alisa Moussaieff, who has been chasing down the world’s best and rarest diamonds and gems for more than half of a century. As the matriarch of her family’s 800-year-old jewelry business, Moussaieff remains one of the industry’s most respected power players, although she prefers to keep a low profile. Over the decades, she has acquired numerous record-breaking stones, but is most famous for buying the Moussaieff Red, an extraordinary 5.11 carat fancy red diamond.

The Explorer: Muggeridge

In the 1970s, geologist Maureen Muggeridge was so certain that an important diamond deposit existed in Australia that she relentlessly explored the region—while she was six months pregnant. While her team pursued a different area, she surveyed the flood plains of Smoke Creek, a river that fed into the Argyle Lake, where she soon uncovered diamonds. This discovery led to the famous Argyle deposit, the world’s main source of pink diamonds.

Dr. Alison Shaw

The Transformer: Dr. Alison Shaw

Dr. Alison Shaw is pioneering new ways to reduce the environmental impact of mining; her work is not only changing the future of mining, but also has the potential to fight climate change globally. As a Senior Geochemist at Lorax Environmental Services, Dr. Shaw is working with the De Beers Group to transform kimberlite (the rock in which diamonds are formed) into carbonated rock, which essentially means she is capturing and storing carbon.

Larisa Popugayeva

The Russian Pioneer: Larisa Popugayeva

Geologist Larisa Popugayeva joined a team of Russian prospectors in 1953, and while exploring around the Daldyn River she uncovered what would become the first diamond deposit in the Soviet Union, the Zarnitsa pipe in Udachny. Though the discovery would prove to change her country’s future, she was given no  credit for the discovery until decades later.

Lorraine Schwartz
Maria Bakalova wearing Lorraine Schwartz during the 2021 Golden Globes

Ruler of the Red Carpet: Lorraine Schwartz

Lorraine Schwartz is the go-to source for A-list celebrities who want to make a dramatic diamond entrance, and, unlike many other designers and jewelry houses, she doesn’t pay for placement. She’s draped her celeb pals, including Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and countless others in custom-made, jaw-dropping pieces, which are often set with hundreds of carats of diamonds.