At London Jewelers Diamonds Are a Family Affair

The company has guided generations of clients to treasured engagement rings, one-of-a-kind high jewelry and everything in between.

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Like the watches and jewelry it has sold for 94 years, London Jewelers has stood the test of time. After growing from a single storefront founded in 1926 in Glen Cove, Long Island to a globally recognized name with 14 stores in all, the family-run company has remained independent and firmly committed to delivering a superior selection of jewelry from the world’s most exclusive heritage brands, emerging designers and its signature London Collection label of jewelry. As they close in on a century of serving their clients, President Candy Udell explains the key reasons for London Jewelers’ success: “We provide good quality and good value. We stand behind everything that we do and we believe in selling what’s real and what’s beautiful.”

Mark & Candy Udell of London Jewelers

There are several pieces from London Jewelers featured in the campaign. Can you tell us about them?

There’s a diamond collar necklace in 18-karat gold with more than 17 carats of diamonds. It’s an ageless, timeless classic that most women would love to have in their wardrobe. The design is very flexible and soft against the skin with clusters of diamonds that resemble flowers. Some people would regard this as a formal piece, but a lot of people are being more casual about how they wear their diamonds today. It’s how they’re meant to be worn. They shouldn’t be locked away in a vault.

Ana de Armas in London Jewelers diamond collar necklace while filming in coastal Portugal.
Close up of the Diamond Collar Necklace by London Jewelers features more than 17 carats of diamonds

Jewelry that combines diamonds in mixed shapes, like the diamond spring ring Ana wore, is a new trend and a lot of fun. Just like people are mixing metals and wearing white, yellow and rose gold all together, you can mix your diamond shapes too. Our ring puts together diamonds with different cuts: emerald, pear and marquise. You can wear it every day, whether on your ring finger, pointer or middle finger. It’s a real fashion piece.

The link bracelet is set with 6.5 carats of diamonds. No matter how you turn your wrist you’ll see the stones. It could be worn all the time or for special occasions, like a nice dinner. And the third bracelet is a curb link ID bracelet. It’s a style that’s very trendy right now. The pavé diamonds make it feel very special.

I would wear them all stacked together. You can never have too many diamonds!

London Collection at London Jewelers 18K white gold and pave diamond curb link bracelet, $16,755
London Collection at London Jewelers 18K white gold and pave diamond sliding “LOVE” bangle bracelet, $6,875
London Collection at London Jewelers 18K white gold and pave diamond ID bracelet, $4,270

Do you have any recommendations for where to start a diamond jewelry collection?

The classics are the pieces everyone really wants. Diamond studs are wonderful. We sell classic round studs every single day. Tennis bracelets are another excellent choice. A beautiful solitaire necklace is something anyone would love. They offer so many ways to express your personality. Today we’re setting them in yellow gold with a bezel to make them more fashion forward, or with pavé around them. Diamond solitaires in different shapes are a good choice too. Hearts are also very popular right now.

You’re very vocal about your love for natural diamonds. Why?

The value and beauty of a natural diamond can never be replaced by anything else. It has history and rarity and meaning. Our business is 94 years old. We’re the third generation to be a part of this business. My children are the fourth. We have only sold natural diamonds and that’s all we will continue to sell because we believe in natural diamonds and their beauty and strength.

Do you have any special family traditions or rituals connected to the business?

The thing about our family is that we do everything together. We work together every day. We buy as a team. My son Scott does a lot of our diamond buying. My daughter focuses more on selling them. We all have the pleasure of reviewing everything together and sharing opinions. We’re all connected through the business. We all have the passion; I brought my children up with it. They were fortunate to work with three generations of their family. We worked together with their grandparents, and now our grandchildren are starting to take an interest too. As a generational business, we’ve all been lucky to have that.

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