The Bridesmaid’s Guide to Natural Diamond Jewels

Bridesmaid’s duties aside, looking good should definitely be
on your agenda – here’s how you can effortlessly master it.

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Diamond Jewellery for the Bride
On Shalini - Earrings, Jaipur Gems. Ring, Tara Fine Jewellery, Savaab Jewels. Bracelet, Saree, Korvaii.

Accomplice, confidant and ride or die – a bridesmaid never disappoints. As the bride prepares to look her radiant best, it’s the ideal occasion for her coterie of bridesmaids to dress to the nines. Today, wedding season is year round and as you gear up to be your girlfriend’s support system and hype woman on her special day, your jewellery for each event should be undeniably spectacular. Any outfit is incomplete without natural diamonds to elevate it, so as you painstakingly choose yours well in advance our specially curated jewellery guide prompts you to showcase beauty and versatility through sparkling diamonds. 

sparkling diamonds Necklace & Waist Belt
On Maumita – Necklace, Hathphool & Waist Belt, Om Jewellers. Sari and Blouse, Maku Textiles

Golden Hour: Radiant Diamond Adornments

The dawn of wedding festivities begins with the playful Haldi session. An afternoon spent dousing and smearing the bride-to-be with an age-old concoction of turmeric and milk. On this day filled with messy activity, simplicity is key. Embellish a wispy cotton sari with designs that are delicate and sensual. An intricate hathphool speckled with natural diamonds that snake up your wrists is elegant yet impactful. Or choose to go the traditional route with an updated waist belt laden with delicate diamonds. On an event dedicated to achieving pre-bridal beauty uplift the ambience by sporting glimmering diamonds.

Celebrating the Mehendi with Grace and Glamour

A pivotal occasion and a much awaited part of the  sixteen adornments of the bride, the mehendi is an intimate affair. Exude feminine splendour on this special bridal day by mirroring the effervescent movement of song and dance through your diamond jewellery. As you gravitate towards an outfit that is light and fuss free, let your accessories be the focal point. Whether you choose to sport a traditional braid or leave your hair loose, a Maangtika with dainty diamonds promises to keep you hands free as you celebrate and cheer on your best friend, while a stunning pair of chandelier diamond earrings can singularly elevate your festive look with a hint of glamour.

diamond earrings
On Maumita – Maangtika, Kirtilals, Earrings, Sawansukha Jewellers. Ring, Chiraag Duhlani Fine Jewels
Outfit – Kavana (saree) and Tilfi (Blouse).
diamond earrings and Ring
Left to right – Earrings, Jaipur Gems. Necklace, H. Ajoomal Fine Jewellery. Bangle, A.S Motiwala. Outfit, Raw Mango. Necklace, Tara Fine Jewellery. Ring: Narayan Jewellers by Ketan and Jatin Chokshi.

Cocktail O’clock

A precursor to the wedding day, the cocktail is that much awaited night of revelry. sHighlighted by dance and socialising it’s an occasion to truly let your hair down. Whether you decide to keep it understated with a 90s style slip dress or go avant garde with a sari-gown choosing the right jewellery is sure guarantees you capture some stellar selfies on a night to remember. Pick from pieces that are strikingly modern, a diamond-encrusted XXL choker is a piece that is always on trend and a great way to complement a plunging neckline and a slicked back hair-do. As you sip on champagne and sashay on the dancefloor ace your ring game by stacking and pairing diamond bands and ornate rings to create subtle drama.

diamond matha patti
On Rodali – Maatha pati, Anmol Jewellers

Holy Matrimony: Fusing Modern and Traditional Diamond jewellery

The arrival of the big day urges you to embrace the celebratory spirit in its entirety. As the bride begins bedecking herself in wedding finery she is surrounded by her best friends and bridesmaids enveloped in a warm aura of excitement. Let the grandeur of the occasion reflect in your wardrobe as you choose from pieces that are the perfect blend of modern and traditional. 

Complement your lehenga-choli with a statement cocktail ring that draws attention to your henna-laden palms. The modern matha patti is a departure from conventional design, crafted in monochromatic tones it delicately laces your forehead with dancing diamonds. Instead of opting for the usual shoulderdusters consider a statement hoop earring in a geometrical pattern replete with natural diamonds. Versatility meets resplendence through dazzling pieces that create room for experimentation.

A wedding week is immersed with multiple emotions and is a true milestone moment not just in a romantic relationship but also a friendship. And being a bridesmaid is equal parts joyful and possibly stressful, so while you put your best foot forward your natural diamond jewellery ensures you look great while you do it all.