Masoom Minawala’s 5 Must-Haves for the Perfect Natural Diamond Trousseau

From classic solitaire earrings to elaborate statement heirlooms, here are Masoom’s top picks and tips for creating an all-encompassing bridal jewellery trousseau.

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Diamond Essentials for Your Trousseau: Timeless Elegance and Enduring Beauty
Jewellery and Image Credits: Masoom Minawala

For as long as I can remember, my mother and dadima have always elevated their looks with the most exquisite diamond pieces, leaving me in sheer awe. I guess that’s how I developed a penchant for diamonds. For me, the sentimental value combined with its luxurious demeanour is what gives natural diamonds their brilliance. And the premium quality is what makes it even more special because I know I can pass it down as an heirloom!

Whether it is dadima’s polki necklace that she absolutely loves, the timeless diamond tennis necklace that my mother adorns daily, or the solitaire earrings that are my go-to whenever I am uncertain, the Minawala women have always had a long-standing love affair with diamonds. Naturally, this led to diamonds securing an essential part of my wedding jewels. One of the things I vividly recall as a bride-to-be was how difficult it was to assemble my diamond trousseau because I knew I wanted a fusion of both traditional and modern pieces. And given how much the world of fashion and trends has evolved ever since then, I understand how challenging it can be for today’s brides-to-be. Choosing the right piece of jewellery can be tricky, afterall we all want to collect timeless essentials, right? And, that’s why I am here to help you! 

Here are my 5 must-haves that your diamond trousseau absolutely cannot miss:

Masoom Minawala's Preferred Diamond Solitaire Pair: Timeless Elegance and Personal Style
Masoom Minawala’s favourite pair of diamond solitaires.


It’s no secret that diamonds are the empress of gems, and trust me, your trousseau is incomplete without a pair of diamond solitaires. These earrings are statements on their own and beyond the fashion aspect, they score high in practicality which is the most important aspect to be considered while putting together a diamond trousseau. So minimal or bold, no matter what your style is, their effervescent charm can spruce up any attire.


Embellished with raw, uncut, and unpolished natural diamonds that make each piece unique, a polki necklace can easily boast an effortless appeal. This is one such investment that can be passed on as an heirloom to future generations. I, too, own a Polki necklace which I wore on my wedding day and it was passed on to me by my dadima (grandmother). This necklace is more than just an accessory to me because of the unique stories, love, and tradition it symbolises. 

So while trends may come and go, Polki is here to stay. And if you too want to go for jewellery that’s truly unique and can’t be replicated, Polki is your answer!

Masoom Minawala in Heirloom Polki Necklace on Wedding Day
Masoom Minawala in an heirloom polki necklace crafted with uncut diamonds, on her wedding day.

Dazzling Tennis Bracelet and Natural Diamond Bracelet with Rubies: Masoom Minawala's Diamond Look-Book
A glistening tennis bracelet and natural diamond bracelet with rubies from Masoom Minawala’s diamond look-book.


If you want to keep it light and are a minimalist at heart like me, a tennis bracelet is an excellent choice to make that sparkling and stylish grand slam! Whether it’s a dainty everyday bracelet or a flashy statement one, the simple symmetrical design of a tennis bracelet is what makes it a jewellery staple in your trousseau. 


Natural diamonds and emeralds are a match made in heaven for the women in the Minawala family! And an emerald-encrusted diamond choker is just the cherry on top!You can style this piece to add some colour to your classic outfits while radiating luxury and panache. The verdant colour of emeralds sets a gorgeous contrasting tone with the majority of colours which makes it so easy to wear and pair with multiple outfits.

Exquisite Emerald-Encrusted Diamond Choker: Worn by Masoom Minawala with a Fuchsia Pink Outfit
An exquisite emerald-encrusted diamond choker worn in contrast with a fuschia pink outfit by Masoom Minawala.

Masoom Minawala Adorning a Stack of Dainty and Statement Natural Diamond Rings
Masoom Minawala wearing a stack of dainty and statement natural diamond rings. 


Want to experiment and showcase your personal style in a fun way? Stackable rings are a great way to do so! They’ve become a popular choice among millennial brides to add to their trousseau because of the sheer personality they can add to ANY look. You can play around with your rings to create a unique design and add your engagement ring to the stack as a symbol of love or wear these rings separately for a casual brunch by stacking them as per your creative vision. Take your call because when it comes to stacking, there are no rules!

I wanted my wedding trousseau to be well-balanced with both heavy and light pieces. As happy as I was to have achieved this, trust me – it wasn’t an overnight task. To make it a bit easier for you, here are a few factors I considered while creating my diamond trousseau, and some tips I believe can help you create yours:

Setting A Budget: This was a crucial step for me and would be for all the brides-to-be. Wedding expenses can gradually push you to exceed your spending cap, which is why sticking to a budget can be highly beneficial.
My tip here: Instead of treating your trousseau as an afterthought, devote a budget for it right from the beginning. This will help you allocate your expenses appropriately and plan ahead in a way that gives you enough time to sketch your requirements and scout for exquisite designs. 

Investing In Both Modern And Traditional Styles: While traditional designs are ageless, invaluable, and have their own old-world charm, the versatility of modern designs is always exciting. So my main focus here was to ensure a perfect balance between the two styles in my trousseau to make the most of my jewellery pieces long after my wedding day.
My tip here: Opt for pieces that you can mix and match and wear with different outfits. So whether the memo calls for a cocktail dress or an elegant saree, the variety of diamond jewellery in your trousseau always saves the day.

Don’t Forget Your ​​​​Heirloom Pieces: 
A love story passed down through generations, vintage pieces and heirlooms are so brimming with memories and stories that their beauty and sparkle are unparalleled and command attention. So whether your diamond look is a multilayered natural diamond one or a single elegant one, an heirloom piece is sure to bedeck the overall look!
My tip here: If you already own any antique heirloom, you can very much purchase jewellery that compliments it. Have a vintage necklace? Buy a pair of matching diamond earrings to complete the look!

Re-Imagined Heirloom Necklace: Sparkling Diamonds Circling Blue Sapphires
A re-imagined heirloom necklace with sparkling diamonds circling blue sapphires.
Open-Lace Diamond Necklace with Western Outfit
An open-lace style diamond necklace with spread-out tinsel-like threads, paired with a western outfit and a contemporary diamond and sapphire studded necklace worn by Masoom Minawala.

Jewellery is the most crucial element of a bridal trousseau and it’s essential to choose well because it’s an asset for life. So, make sure you give yourself sufficient time to create the trousseau of your dreams. I hope this edit helps you achieve exactly that, so that you shine bright like the diamond you are!