Exclusive Partnerships

The Natural Diamond Council, with support of The Diamond Club – a select circle of diamond miners, industry partners, and premier jewellery retailers is committed to the advancement of the modern diamond industry. Renowned members like De Beers, Petra Diamonds, RZM Murowa, and Rio Tinto, alongside our valued industry partners, work towards transparency, and sustainability among other initiatives to create positive impact on a global scale while advocating for natural diamonds.

We invite you to join this mission and align with changemakers, leaders and innovators
in creating a legacy that is as meaningful as it is timeless. 

In our collective pursuit of excellence, we extend gratitude to the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), our esteemed collaborator, for their exceptional leadership in driving employment initiatives that sustain the livelihoods of 2 million people within India’s natural diamond industry. Their initiatives, like the Mega Common Facility Centre (CFC) among others, lay the foundation for comprehensive industry support and infrastructure development, fostering skill development, innovation, and cooperation. Through educational initiatives and strategic trade shows and events, GJEPC continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the industry landscape, making significant contributions to its overall growth and advancement.

Our ten industry partners share our commitment in creating a real impact that works to uplift communities, nature and create a legacy for tomorrow through diverse projects that spearhead land reclamation, water conservation, education and more. Noteworthy initiatives include:

Shree Ramkrishna Exports

This diamond crafter has taken a multi-faceted approach to sustainability focusing attention to waste, water and nature, alongside their commitment to decarbonisation, achieving net-zero status for both the diamond crafting facilities by 2024.

Hari Krishna Exports

One of the first Diamantaires in India to adopt the UN’s Science Based Target Initiatives (SBTi), this manufacturer has planted ~3 million trees and conserved 155 lakes with the Mission100Sarovar project in Gujarat.


Positively impacting communities on a global scale, this group spearheads diverse initiatives in education, healthcare, and emergency relief through the Parikh Foundation.

Venus Jewel

Building their own grading system to determine diamond authenticity, this multifaceted group champions sustainability with 20% of the power supply generated through solar panels at their Surat facility.

Rosy Blue

Rosy Blue’s engagement with the UN Global Compact, SDGs reflects their sustainability journey, focusing on innovation, inclusivity, responsible sourcing and traceability.


On a mission to reduce their carbon footprint using the adoption of cutting-edge technology, this pioneer has embraced sustainability with 100% renewable energy in their facilities since January 2023.

KP Sanghvi

This female first diamantaire redefines industry standards with 35% women in their 12,000-strong workforce, a women driven diamond factory in Surat and 55% female employees in Botswana driving economic growth across different roles and responsibilities,

Shivam Jewels

On a mission to reduce their carbon footprint, this manufacturer uses 2,250 solar panels to power their facilities leading to 100% solar energy use, in addition to reducing 1100.475 tonnes of CO2 emissions with extensive tree plantation.


From rooftop solar panel systems in Surat to promoting life on land and water conservation efforts, this company powers their drive to sustainability with diverse initiatives built to create lasting impact.


With nearly 53% of employees in Botswana and 64% in Namibia being women, this natural diamond manufacturer has successfully bridged the gender gap using equal employment opportunities.

We extend great appreciation to our esteemed jewellery retail partners including but not limited to, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Jawhara, La Marquise, and Kisna. Together we hope to bring forth collaborative positive impact and promote ethical practices and sustainability for the diamond industry, spotlighting the true power of natural diamonds, and their timeless legacy.