The Perfect Diamond Earrings for Every Face Shape

How to choose natural diamond earrings that accentuate your face shape.

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Perfect Diamond Earrings for Your Face Shape
Jewellery: H.Ajoomal Fine Jewellery

The wedding season in India will take off soon, as will award events and festivities – and that got us thinking about outfits, fine and high jewellery. How can you make your outfits impactful with ear adornments? It’s all about styling and accessorising. Indeed, earrings are the ultimate contender to elevate any look – be it an elegant no-fuss look or substantial glamour. 

Earrings make an impact when the pair accentuates your face shape. For a striking look, the earrings should work well with your outfit, its colour, cut, and texture. Top off your everyday look with playful ear climbers, studs, huggies, small hoops or short drop earrings. Natural diamond earrings with subtle details like enamel or coloured gems too can easily become your staple accessory, while a mix of diamonds in varied cuts in the earrings could prove to be the pièce de resistance. 

What’s your favourite style – easy basics, modern classics, contemporary standouts, edgy knockouts or single earrings? Here’s our guide to finding the perfect pair of earrings:

Diamond Face

A diamond-shaped face is widest around the cheekbones, while the chin and forehead have a similar width. Such face shapes tend to make the face appear longer. Avoid wearing earrings that have sharp angles or sharp silhouettes and opt for earrings that curve along with the natural angles of your face – these could be mid-length teardrops or linear earrings that have delicate accents or detailing towards the lower half of the jewel. Do remember to also avoid long teardrop shapes or chandelier forms. For daily wearables or pared down evening looks, pop on studs and you’ll never go wrong. 

Round Face

A round or nearly-round shaped face is characterised by fuller cheeks and a wider hairline; the chin is rounded and the cheekbones are the widest part of the face. Wear slender danglers and linear drop earrings in silhouettes that have an oval, rectangular or teardrop outline; the objective is to create a ‘narrower’ face. Studs are a great choice for everyday wear – triangular shaped studs or stud earrings in any geometric style is good too. Avoid wearing overly chunky earrings, big studs or designs that mimic the shape of your face.

Rectangular Face

A rectangular-shaped face is similar to a square-shaped face but tends to be more elongated. Such face shapes are best enhanced with earrings in organic shapes, circular outlines or earrings that have curvy forms. Earrings in delicate styles are perfect, as are moderately short roundish drops and pendant earrings with a slight length to them. 

Oval Face

An oval-shaped face is longer than wide and the jaw is narrow. The forehead (temple area) is a little bit wider than the curved chin and all other facial features are rounded. Studs, small drops or medium length danglers, in most geometric shapes such as oval and teardrops (pears shape), accentuate oval faces. Long danglers and shoulder dusters are best avoided as they tend to make the face look ‘longer.’

Square Face

Square shaped face is characterised by a boxier outline and the idea is to soften the angular features while creating some drama with earrings. Earrings that have curves or geometric forms are the way forward. Avoid wearing earrings with sharp forms. Medium-sized hoops and circular studs also make for great jewellery accessories, just as dangler earrings with round or oval elements are lovely too. 

Heart Face

A heart-shaped face has distinct features such as a pointed, small chin and wide forehead that gradually tapers or narrows down from the temple – think of an upside-down triangle. The idea is to steer clear of earrings that draw attention to the wide cheekbone and instead create an illusion of length by wearing long, slim danglers, pendulum and pendant earrings. Danglers that have interesting design elements towards the bottom accentuate heart-shaped faces really well.

Joaquin Aristides Flores, Los Angeles-based Wardrobe and Fashion stylist, who has created red carpet looks as well as editorial styles for print media titles such as Vogue, Nylon, Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle says: 

“When accessorising, the face shape and complexion are two key factors that help me create a successful styled look.”

Dive into your jewellery box and find that matching pair. It’s time to stop those natural diamond earrings from snoozing in your safe – flaunt them with attitude or, perhaps, shop for new styles.