Welcome to The Edit, my first as editor of Only Natural Diamonds. I could not be more thrilled to join after 17 years in fashion magazines working in jewelry and accessories. One of the pleasures and honors of the job is surveying all the amazing creations and distilling the experience for our readers. As we approached putting together The Edit, which we familiarly call our trend report, I was reminded that the word trend is a bit of a misnomer when discussing diamonds. At their core, they are both eternal and of the moment, a rarity in the fashion industry.

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Working on The Edit, I found the same joy seeking out the jewelry ideas that seemed to shine the brightest. All of the pieces share a combined dream of the future: vintage ideas reworked in modern ways, celestial baubles that call on the stars, and diamond collars certain to become heirlooms.

Overall, we looked to celebrate the connections that diamonds provide in our lives and history, from pear-shaped engagement rings to jewelry for both men and women. The jewelry in The Edit provides a certain magic through adornment that surpasses both space and time. We worked with our contributors to curate sparkling examples to inspire and worked with photographer Sharif Hamza and stylist Haidee Findlay-Levin to translate them in a modern and wearable way.

We also called on esteemed writers and contributors Jill Newman and Marion Fasel, as well as our own diamond and jewelry expert Grant Mobley to discuss men’s jewelry and tell the tales that lie behind each of our trends. An important part of what makes purchasing a diamond so special is the impact that your decision makes upon communities across the planet along with the investment you are making in a sustainable future. Jill Newman takes a deep dive into the facts surrounding why only natural diamonds retain their value over time, making them an investment as well as an heirloom. I look forward to being on this journey with you.

Sam Broekema, Only Natural Diamonds Editor-in-Chief


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