Introducing the Emerging Designer Diamond Initiative Design Experience with GEMIST

The collaboration launches with customizable jewelry designed by Dorian Webb.

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The Natural Diamond Council has teamed up with custom jewelry design platform GEMIST to launch a design experience that is one-of-kind. Beginning today, jewelry lovers can customize a selection of fine pieces created by participants of the Emerging Designer Diamond Initiative (EDDI), a program created by the NDC and Lorraine Schwartz to provide Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) jewelry designers with unprecedented access to resources, mentorship, media opportunities and guidance as they grow their businesses.

For the first time, shoppers can add their unique spin to innovative pieces created by the the next generation of fine jewelry designers, and with the help of the GEMIST unique try-on experience, shoppers will also be able to try their custom designs at home before making a purchase.

The collaboration begins with jewelry by California-based designer and EDDI participant Dorian Webb. For the partnership, Dorian selected multiple variations of her Dome Ring and Trellis Earrings for the GEMIST design experience, where shoppers can select the style, shape, stone, and metal type of their choice. The pieces will be available for home try-on in the coming months.

dorian webb gemist

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the Natural Diamond Council and their EDDI designers. Our goal is to amplify the artistic vision of these incredible designers by making their pieces customizable by jewelry lovers everywhere through GEMIST’s interactive design platform,” says Madeline Fraser, CEO and founder of GEMIST. “For the first time, consumers can shop these unbelievable works of art and put their own aesthetic touch into the pieces they love most. We feel incredibly lucky to have the amazing Dorian Webb as our first EDDI designer.”

About the GEMIST Design Experience

Step 1: Select the Style

gemist dorian webb diamond jewelry design experience

If the Trellis Earrings catch your eye, start the design experience by selecting one of three shapes to choose from. The earring styles include the Trellis Ear Bar, Trellis Blossom and Trellis Bud.

Step 2: Select the Metal

gemist dorian webb diamond jewelry design experience

Once you’ve settled on the style, decide which metal best suits your style. Each of the Trellis Earrings can be set in solid 18k rose, yellow or white gold, and GEMIST makes it easy to visualize how the different styles will look in each metal.  

Step 3: Select the Stone

gemist dorian webb diamond jewelry design experience

The final step in the design process is to select the stones for the custom pieces. Natural diamonds are always a good idea, but turquoise, purple and green tourmaline, fire opal and apatite are all options as well.

The design experience is also available for the Trellis Dome Ring and Ellipsis Dome Ring.

gemist dorian webb diamond jewelry trellis dome ring
Trellis Dome Ring in White Gold

About the Brands


GEMIST is the first online platform that allows consumers to design jewelry and try it on at home before making a purchase. The custom experience is now available to anyone who wants the opportunity to create something uniquely their own within their personal style and budget.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to design their own jewelry and with that ethos we are changing the narrative around fine jewelry, creating new meaning to each piece we wear and allowing our gems to become an extension of who we are. We are making this idea a reality through unique technology & user experience, excellent designs, and responsible sourcing.


Award winning designer and artist Dorian Webb believes that taking the time to savor the small, yet luxurious indulgences in life is what makes it so pleasurable and rewarding. As a junior at Yale University spending a semester abroad, Dorian came to appreciate the artistry and tradition of Venetian glassblowing. After graduation, she founded her eponymous company to create handcrafted objects that encouraged people to pause to recognize the beauty that surrounds them. 

Dorian believes that inspiration is everywhere and it’s with this inspiration that he jewelry brand was born and continues to evolve. Beauty is easily discovered in the everyday rhythms of life. She finds it in the unabashed boldness of a flower, the enveloping comfort of a cashmere sweater and the vibrancy of new surroundings. It’s these moments of life’s inspirations that dictate the innovative and incredibly beautiful pieces that make up the Dorian Webb collection.


Learn more about the Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative here.