An Inside Look at Emily Ratajkowski’s Natural Diamond Reset

Like a natural diamond, Emrata is feeling stronger than ever.

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Emily Ratajkowski is turning a new chapter in her life story and taking a moment to celebrate herself with a natural diamond self-gifting moment. In a photo posted on Instagram, Emrata showed off her “Divorce Rings”– two natural diamond stunners featuring a 3+ carat, akimbo-set pear-shaped natural diamond and another 3+ carat princess cut diamond flanked by two trapezoid cut natural diamonds, designed by Alison Chemla of Alison Lou.

Chemla, who also created Ratajkowski’s original toi et moi engagement ring, gave us some exclusive insight into the new designs and the empowering meaning behind them. “The idea behind this was always to take the original ring and rebrand it to mark the new chapter in Emily’s life,” says the designer. “When we did her original engagement ring, it set a new trend for 2 stone rings, and it is very symbolic to take that ring apart and create anew.”

The model was certainly at the forefront of the toi et moi trend back in 2018, with celebrities like Megan Fox and Ariana Grande following her lead with similar style natural diamond engagement rings, and it would be no surprise to see more “next chapter” style jewelry take off as well. “I don’t think a woman should be stripped of her diamonds just because she’s losing a man,” Ratajkowski told Vogue.

Ratajkowski and her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard tied the knot after a short engagement in 2018, and later filed for divorce in 2022. The pair share three-year-old son, Sylvester Apollo.

Emily Ratajkowski via Instagram (@emrata)

Ratajkowski and Chemla worked together to create the new designs, starting with a clean slate of the solitaire diamonds. “Emily wanted to make the princess cut stone look larger so we added trapezoid side stones to visually make the stone look elongated which gave it more of an art-deco vibe,” Chemla explains. “The pear diamond is set on an angle and will be worn as a pinky ring, which I love. It makes such a statement.”

There is something so special about natural diamonds that truly can never be replaced.

Using natural diamonds too ensures the rings retain their value over time and can be passed down as an heirloom to the next generation. “There is something so special about natural diamonds that truly can never be replaced. They have history just like the jewelry we wear and hold meaning,” agrees the designer. “We want our pieces to be passed down from generation to generation and that is why it is so important to us to use natural, responsibly sourced diamonds.” Ancient and made by Mother Earth herself, natural diamonds can help the wearer feel grounded and serve as a symbol to commitment—especially to oneself.

“Jewelry always has such a personal connection to the wearer,” says Chemla. “We see more and more of our clients purchasing for themselves.” These self-purchases can celebrate a milestone—romantic, professional, or personal. “Independence can be celebrated through any piece of jewelry,” she agrees. “It does not just have to be a divorce ring, but I do love the idea of it since you are taking something and revitalizing its meaning!”

Emily Ratajkowski debuts her reset diamond rings, thanks to jewelry designer Alison Lou. Originally from her toi et moi engagement ring, the model had her diamonds reset for two revamped 'divorce rings.'
Emily Ratajkowski via Instagram (@emrata)

Jewelry always has such a personal connection to the wearer.

Chemla hopes Ratajkowski’s redesign, “inspires people to take that piece of jewelry out of hiding that maybe held a certain meaning and re-energize it with a new setting and life.” That is one of the many beauties of a natural diamond—it can be reset and redesigned in a completely new style and give the stone new meaning “Take back your power and wear it,” Chemla says.

“Now she has two rings she can proudly wear every day,” Chemla shares of Ratajkowski’s new pieces. “[They] serve as a reminder of how strong and powerful she is.” That is certainly a message perfectly represented by natural diamonds, the hardest substance on Earth, millions of years old, and meant to last for generations to come.