Natural diamond jewelry for men is back in the spotlight.

Words: Grant Mobley | Photographer: Sharif Hamza | Video: Adam Wamsley | Stylist: Haidee Findlay-Levin | Makeup: Tyron Machhausen | Hair: Tsuki


There was a time in our history when it wasn’t necessary to say “men’s jewelry”; we just said “jewelry.” There wasn’t an arbitrary bifurcation of what jewelry fit into male and female categories. Think of Henry VIII and his famous portraits draped head to toe in incredible jewels or the legendary Indian maharajas that commissioned extravagant and now famous fine jewelry pieces from western jewelry houses like Cartier and Tiffany. There are a thousand years of human history where men have flaunted fine jewelry just as much or more than women. I am happy to say that this long history of men and jewelry has come back in full force. 

The modern man who has yet to break into fine jewelry may be unsure where to begin. Starting your jewelry collection can be overwhelming but there are ways to narrow your search.

Diamond essentials can be worn every day and with virtually every outfit. With the right essentials, you can liven up your beach look, add detail in the office, or be best dressed at your friend’s wedding. The key to the perfect diamond essential is simplicity. A classic diamond tennis bracelet is an ideal start. They look great on the wrist alone, but also with a watch as Cristiano Ronaldo often does. The ideal place to start on the finger is a classic diamond eternity band or diamond signet ring. Signets look great on the middle finger but also work for the pinky. A diamond eternity band can be worn on any finger but consider using it as your wedding band or take a note from Ryan Reynolds and stack it with your current band. For the neck, it is hard to beat a diamond tennis necklace; it will instantly lift your entire wardrobe and is easily layered with any other chains. Lastly, consider showing your ears some love. You can start with a classic diamond stud or diamond huggies. F1 legend Lewis Hamilton is never seen without huggies or studs, even in the racecar. 

lewis hamilton met gala

Lewis Hamilton

Timothée Chalamet in Cartier

Jewelry: WWAKE, Hamilton Jewelers



Grant Mobley

Justin Bieber

Joe Burrow

When you are ready to step up from essentials, you can focus on what is current to narrow your search. Diamond collars have been reborn from the days of royalty when they were a symbol of power and status, and today they reflect your personal style and make a greater statement than a simple necklace. The celestial motif in men’s diamond jewelry was a staple in the 19th century, connecting the wearer to the gods and offering protection, and has seen a resurgence. Look for this motif in staples like diamond pendants, or go for star-shaped diamond studs if you’re looking to step things up. A rock and roll vibe is found in vintage-inspired jewelry that has been on the rise. Vintage jewelry gets its unique look from the period style and the materials available, as well as older crafting techniques. You can get that vintage vibe in new jewelry by going for blackened gold and/or rose-cut diamonds. The pear-shaped diamond is also the hottest cut although it was actually invented in the 15th century. In fact, the largest colorless diamond in the world, Cullinan I, is pear-shaped and sits in the British Crown Jewels. A pear-shaped diamond eternity band or pear-shaped gypsy ring would be timeless options that nod back to history.



Necklace Birthright Foundry Ring Grant Mobley Band Roman Malakov Top Vince Trousers Vintage

Once fine jewelry makes its way into your wardrobe, you will find that an outfit is no longer complete without its finishing touch. As your collection grows, you will find the beauty in mixing and layering multiple pieces and switching things up based on the mood. Best of all, fine jewelry truly lasts forever and even the trends never really go out of style.