Inside Ben Baller’s Diamond Jewelry Empire

Ben Baller provides a rare invitation to Only Natural Diamonds, allowing cameras into his surreal, mile-a-minute world of larger than life diamond jewelry, A-list clientele, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

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Diamond Jeweler Ben Baller at his Los Angeles Custom Jewelry Business IF and Co.

Behind jewelry designer Ben Baller is a discipline for beauty and quality, backing up the glamorous exterior with authentic values and real connections. A family man and self-made entrepreneur, the jeweler to hip-hop’s elite is a true one-of-a-kind, matched in uniqueness and magnetism only by the unforgettable jewelry he designs. 

ben baller diamonds jeweler interview
ben baller diamonds jeweler interview
ben baller diamonds jeweler interview

In this exclusive film, celebrity jeweler Ben Baller discusses natural diamonds and what they mean to him, plus his highly custom jewelry and his company IF & Co. He also discusses his origins in the jewelry business and how he got his start from a kid growing up in Koreatown, Los Angeles. RARE JEWELS is a series by Only Natural Diamonds, featuring the world’s most captivating, inspiring, and uncompromising diamond jewelers.