Must Have Jewellery When Stepping In Your 20s

Channeling main character energy in the most exploratory era of your life—ft natural diamonds

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Must-Have Jewellery Pieces for your 20s
Image 1- Earrings - H. Ajoomal Fine Jewellery Image 2- Earring– Rose. Bracelet – Rose, Ring – KAJ Fine Jewellery. Image 3- Rings – Khurana Jewellers.

“Your twenties are your ‘selfish’ years. It’s a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible. Be selfish with your time, and all the aspects of you. Tinker with shit, travel, explore, love a lot, love a little, and never touch the ground.””

― Japanese photographer Kyoko Escamilla

Every decade in life brings its own adventures. A time of significant transition, your twenties especially will be full of surprises—spontaneous adventures, unexpected passions and discovering yourself with an ever evolving lens. Embrace the rollercoaster and treat everyday anew because there is no better time to take risks, explore with joyful abandon and forge your own path. You might have just landed your dream job, proposed to the love of your life or even just visited your first ever art show—every day in this era is special and deserves to be celebrated in a sparkling way. Here’s our natural diamond style guide which, like a best friend, will take you through stepping out in your twenties.

Jewellery for Date Night

Date night dressing often puts people in a fix, especially when it’s early days. You want to wear something that reflects your personality, while making sure you look equal parts incredible and confident. Our advice? Opt for a simple silhouette which will be suited to most venues—think a statement shirt, a jacket thrown over a basic tee or even a sweatshirt if that’s true to your personal style. The key to nailing this look is dressing it up with natural diamond jewellery—statement white gold and diamond earrings, bold graphic rings featuring a mix of precious stones and white diamonds, or the cult favourite diamond chain link necklace and bracelet.

Jewellery Pieces for Date Night
Rings – ASM Jewellery. Necklaces – Khanna Jewellers, Malabar Gold & Diamonds. Necklace – Navrathan Jewellers

Celebrating a Big
Promotion at Work

Receiving a promotion at work, especially early in your career, brings an unparalleled sense of achievement. This is likely your first or second job ever and a milestone like that deserves to be celebrated. As you get ready to embrace your new role, treat yourself to a thrilling night out on the town. You want a mix of boss energy with just the right amount of glamour.

Office wear Jewellery Pieces
Left to right, Rings – Jaipur Gems , Anmol Jewellers, KAJ Fine Jewellery. Earrings – KAJ Fine Jewellery.

Nothing spells power more than a blazer but opt for one with a twist such as this bottle green, vintage Dior number. Keep the inside bare and complete the look with 80s inspired heart earrings, albeit a sparkling real diamond version. We’re weak in the knees for unconventional rings—wear a mixed cut diamond version and a precious stone chunky ring, bordered by real diamonds. Be warned, you’re going to turn a few (or several) heads!

Diamond Jewellery Pieces for Office Party
Left to right. Bracelet – Anmol Jewellers. Earrings – H. Ajoomal Fine Jewellery , Rings – KAJ Fine Jewellery, Neha Lulla Jewellery, Anmol Jewellers.

Fine Jewellery for
Brunch with Friends

Brunch is the most magical meal of all, and anyone who disagrees should sit down. It has all the elements we live for—breakfast and lunch food served together (we’re Eggs Benedict stans), unlimited mimosas, great lighting for pictures and the opportunity to continue celebrating for the rest of the day. Best enjoyed with friends, this is a weekend tradition you’d never want to miss. We’re in peak quiet luxury era and there’s no better place than brunch to whip out your effortless-looking wardrobe staples.This halter style twisted bralette embodies the luxe chic energy you want to exude for the daytime occasion. To keep the look young and fun, pair it with these oversized flower shaped diamond earrings. We love the juxtaposition of luxurious natural diamonds with the whimsy of this floral motif. Add a delicate diamond bracelet and pepper with classic rings that will enhance any outfit.

Diamond Jewellery ring for a casual brunch
Rings – H. Ajoomal Fine Jewellery, Nornament.

Visiting Your First Art Show

Slowly but surely, India is seeing an art resurgence. Curated gallery weekends, celebrated collaborations championing Indian craftsmanship and immersive modern art shows all point towards the cultural revolution underway. The most incredible part? A growing number of young patrons that engage with artists, support them and value creative expression. An experience as personal and subjective as this one is the perfect opportunity for avant-garde dressing so play with unique proportions, textures and colours. Case in point? This rich, satin green co-ord set. There’s no better accessory pairing than a statement ring stack. Choose individually striking pieces, whether it’s a layered mixed cut diamond ring or an over-the-top diamond studded precious stone ring and wear them all together for a maximalist party on your fingers.

Diamond Jewellery to Wear
at a Networking Event

Your twenties are one of the most defining decades in your life, especially when it comes to career building. Networking opportunities are aplenty and can be valuable in expanding your professional connections—this is where you might meet your next mentor, manager or even a peer going through a similar journey. Confidence is key and the right look will help you exude it in abundance. A pantsuit is the safest bet but pick a version that will leave an impression such as this embroidered silk number or a graphic inspired oversized option. Keep your jewellery classic and minimal—solitaire earrings, bold natural diamond rings and a delicate real diamond line necklace.

Diamond Jewellery to Wear at a Networking Event
Left to right. Necklace and earrings – Faith by A. S. Motiwala Fine Jewellery. Ring – KAJ Fine Jewellery, Earrings – Ratan Jeweller, Anmol Jewellers.