What Jewellery To Wear Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Natural diamond picks to embrace your cosmic personality.

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Credits: Earrings + Ring: H. Ajoomal Fine Jewellery, Handcuff & Kadha: Jaipur Gems, Necklace/Headband & Earrings: Jaipur Gems

From the beginning of time, when men relied on the moon and stars for direction, to ancient cultures that studied celestial placements to solve the mysteries of the future, humans have historically resorted to heavenly bodies for meaning and guidance. The underlying global sentiment of uncertainty has further fueled our interest in astrology to find solace. Fashion is inherently an extension of the culture and time it belongs to, and thus, an essential zeitgeist of today. And just like Astrology, fashion also provides a means to express our individuality and most authentic selves. Therefore, it is no surprise that a unison of fashion and astrology is inevitable and apparent through the years. 

In 2010, Karl Lagerfeld erected a larger-than-life statue of a golden lion inspired by the late Coco Chanel’s zodiac sign of Leo at the AW runway show. Nicky Zimmerman created an entire collection inspired by zodiac symbols and cosmic motifs for her Autumn 2022 collection, which she names ‘Stargazer.’ These heavy zodiac influences in fashion have made prominent appearances regularly through time. Similarly, jewellery designers have also found themselves lured into the whimsical nature of astrology, which has influenced their designs and creations. Diamonds embody a sense of luxury and inheritance and are a way to express who we are. Not only does the choice of jewels have the capacity to depict our innermost traits, but they empower us with a sense of knowing that comes with marrying our astrological chart with our choices. 

Join us as we journey into the celestial realm to further define the natural diamond choices of each zodiac sign. Whether it’s Aquarius’s inherent rebellious spirit or Sagittarius’s vivacious personality, each sign possesses a distinctive perspective that influences its affinity for the natural diamonds it gravitates towards.

PISCES: FEB 19 to MAR 20

Pisces' Zodiac Diamond Elegance
Necklace: Tallin; Earrings : Thakorlal Hiralal

XXL & Innovative Diamond Styles

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Pisces is the most sensitive and sympathetic. Pisceans’s emotional streak and deep sense of sympathy combined give their fashion choices a more feminine approach. Lace dresses and diaphanous drapes are some key fashion aesthetics that describe their style. Diamond pieces that capitalize on this softer side of the zodiac, such as floral motifs and feminine pearl accents make an ideal choice for their fashion sensibilities. Keeping this in mind, a floral diamond choker with pearl details worn with matching floral diamond studs is a natural choice for the feminine silhouettes this zodiac gravitates toward. 

ARIES: MAR 21 to APR 19

Aries' Bold Diamond Brilliance
Diamond Hoops: Gehna Jewellers, Handcuff & Kadha: Jaipur Gems, Bracelets: Entice

Unconventional Diamonds

Fiercely ambitious and unabashedly bold, the very first of all zodiac signs, Aries makes fashion choices that are surely not for the weak. Not necessarily in your face, but most definitely to be noted, when an Aries dresses for an occasion, it is sure to turn heads. Wearing denim shorts with a crystal encrusted top is a bold combination that only this fire sign can elevate with a stack of mismatched diamond bracelets and cuffs and deconstructed diamond hoops. 


Scorpio's Zodiac-Inspired Diamond Glamour
Ring: Sajjante Jewels, Earrings: Tallin

Statement Bold Diamonds

Innately sensual and furiously loyal, Scorpios are the most stylish of the 12-bullet-long roster of zodiac signs. Making statements with their sartorial choices, it is only natural that this water sign has a curious affinity for the bold diamond pieces. A statement diamond-encrusted earring paired with a classic blazer is an apt pairing that keeps the focus on the luxurious hero piece while keeping the rest of the look minimal.  


Sagittarius' Sparkling Nights with Layered Diamonds
Necklace: Malabar Gold and Diamonds, Ear Climbers: Tallin

Sparkling Layered Diamonds

Their celestial alignments note that Sagittarians are most inclined to spontaneous purchases with their unpredictable nature. Life of any party they attend, this fire sign packs a lot of humor and zeal. An ideal diamond piece for a Sagittarius would be one that works seamlessly with their night out look, as their social calendar is always full. We suggest a layered diamond necklace with a waterfall diamond earring to keep them as the center of attention. 


Earrings + Ring: H. Ajoomal Fine Jewellery

Standout Diamonds

When denoting a Capricorn’s ambitious and disciplined nature, intricate diamond-encrusted fan earrings with an intricate cocktail ring make a winning pairing. Capricorns are notorious for their precision and focus on quality. So, styling these diamond pieces with timeless classics like a white shirt and a transitional trench coat speaks truly to the sensibilities that embodies a Capricorn’s style mantra. 


Aquarius' Revolutionary Diamond Style
Necklace/headband & Earrings: Jaipur Gems

Floral & Whimsical Diamond Choices

Revolutionary and optimistic, Aquarians are frontrunners and torch bearers, which naturally trickles into their fashion choices, which are anything but adherent to the norms. Always going against the status quo and charting their own path, an heirloom-worthy diamond necklace repurposed as a headband paired with statement shoulder grazers are undoubtedly their jewellery pieces of choice. Pairing these luxurious pieces with an unexpected, printed dress is something an aquarian can carry off with utmost panache.

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Film: Aman Singh Chauhan
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