Love OTT Glam? XXL Chokers to Have On Your Lust L‎ist

The classic natural diamond choker makes a glamorous comeback & it’s bigger and better than ever before

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It’s no secret that the trends of the yesteryears are having a moment and nineties maximalism is truly making a comeback. In the realm of high-end jewellery, where elegance and opulence reign supreme, there exists a coveted treasure that transcends time: the XXL diamond choker.

A standout way to wear your bling, this larger-than-life silhouette ensures you have all eyes on you at all times. Unlike earlier times, today, the newest iterations of the XXL chokers are reimagined in compelling contemporary styles: think intricate designs reminiscent of 1920s Art Deco era or dangling natural diamond solitaires that evoke the free-spirit of the 1970s.

Read on as NDC curates an exclusive selection of the most captivating XXL chokers currently on our radar. Word of caution: scroll ahead carefully as you may want one (or all) of these exquisite pieces for your own collection!

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4 reasons why the XXL choker will be a mainstay in your jewellery box

Maximalism for the Modern Era

Bringing in a new era of opulence, chokers have the power to cast an irresistible spell. A symbol of enduring allure, this exquisite adornment has the power to up the ante on any ensemble. Within the spirit of maximalism, today’s chokers don’t overwhelm the wearer; rather, they are expressions of individuality and style. These pieces play a key role in shaping how one is perceived, drawing attention to the face and allowing your gaze and expressions to take centre stage.

Extremely Versatile: Your Natural Diamond Choker Can Transition From Boardroom to Bar

Cool and captivating, count on a statement choker for an effortlessly chic style that can easily be taken from day to night. A natural diamond XXL choker gracefully accentuates the wearer’s neck, drawing attention to its slender and elegant contours. To maximize its effect, consider pairing the stunning accessory with an off-shoulder or V-neckline ensemble.

Mix It Up: Metals and Gemstones

Perhaps the easiest way of uplifting any outfit is going for a stunning choker featuring natural diamonds with a gleaming array of emeralds and pearls. Even the styling possibilities for this neck piece are incredibly versatile. You can wear it elegantly with a clean square neckline, layer it over a high-neck, or just twist it around so that the drop accentuates the back while maintaining a sleek band in the front.

The Power of Confidence ft an XXL choker

The most significant reason for the meteoric rise of XXL chokers can be attributed to the confidence they bestow on the wearer coupled with their remarkable versatility. Nowadays, one can discover a rich tapestry of natural diamond chokers, ranging from enduring classics to avant-garde masterpieces, not limited to one style or occasion. If you’d like to make an audacious fashion statement pick an oversized choker, adorned with intricate diamond motifs, offering an exquisite canvas for personal expression. Meanwhile, those who prefer understated elegance can opt for simpler, yet no less striking, design. The allure of an XXL diamond choker lies in its grandeur. Crafted with meticulous precision, natural diamond chokers are designed to command attention, almost an announcement of unapologetic luxury. Besides they’re more than just a dazzling display of exquisite style, they’re a work of art, almost like emblems of boldness, radiance, and intrinsic value.