Headlining Diamonds for Every Concert

Music is synonymous with self-expression – a virtue as unique as you are. So, as you gear up to enjoy your next concert, elevate your outfit with diamond jewellery that is a sparkling reflection of your identity.

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In the hustle bustle of the everyday there are few moments of slowness that we all cherish – singing an upbeat song in the shower, finally wearing an outfit you lusted after for months, and catching a fleeting glimpse of yourself in your favourite diamond earrings. Through the constant quest of self-expression, music is a dynamic medium that has the power to mirror our moods, beliefs and current state of mind. The welcome rise of global music concerts such as Coachella and local ragers such as Magnetic Fields has ushered in the opportunity for Gen Z and millennials alike to experiment with their personal style and dress individualistically. Your OOTD should be as distinctive as your choice of music, elevate it with natural diamond jewellery that encapsulates your personality best. As you gear up for your next gig, our detailed guide will help you bring your A-game with a special curation of diamonds for all occasions. 

Coachella Chic 

A playground to enjoy the best hip-hop and electronic dance music, Coachella is one of the most popular music festivals in the world. Each year it attracts a headliner of not only the most loved music artists but a coterie of celebrities in attendance with the likes of Cami Mendes, Elsa Holk and Sydney Sweeny pulling up in shimmery, boho chic festival gear. If, like them, high-octane music and eclectic tastes define your vibe then ultra-modern diamond jewellery should be on your accessory list for this festival.Opt for teardrop diamond earrings and you go maximal with a stack of tennis bracelets and chunky diamond cuff bracelets. Colourful crochet and embellished denim form the perfect canvas to let your geometrical jewels glimmer as you sway in style.

Teardrop Diamond Earrings and Boho-Chic Accessories

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A Magnetic Look 

Ensconced in the mesmerizing Alsisar Haveli, Magnetic Fields has swiftly grown to become one of the country’s most anticipated music festivals, belting out genres spanning Kerala folk influences to R&B soul. As you dance your way into magical sunsets and sunrises, choose diamond jewellery that exudes your carefree spirit. Burnished and underrated uncut diamond jewellery with Victorian accents makes the perfect accompaniment to your boho-chic concert fit. A diamond studded single line necklace paired with dangling earrings and even a statement kada is a great way to dress up psychedelic patterns. Channel your inner rastafarian through pieces that are versatile enough to match colourful prints and the celebratory energy. 

Uncut Diamond Jewellery with Victorian Accents

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Feelin Blue?

Intimate and soulful – The Mahindra Blues festival is one that harps on a sense of community. The music is entrenched in a sense of wit and humour. A rich taste in the music equates to a sophisticated taste in diamond jewellery, for your next blues gig choose jewels that are truly one of a kind – a diamond speckled brooch in curious flora and fauna motifs makes for a great collectible. Similarly, a gold art-deco necklace studded with natural diamonds that reflects the complex history of this genre or a luxurious vintage- style watch laced with gimmering diamonds is a stylish way to channel future- nostalgia. Complement these unusual pieces with clothing that is relaxed yet striking – a crop top and skirt combination layered with a sequinned gilet is a low key yet impactful for a melodious evening of revelry and slow dancing. 

Stylish diamond jewellery recommendations for your blues night

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Take’em To The Streets 

Punjabi music has gained new heights swiftly turning into a household favourite courtesy emerging artists that have opened up our ears to a genre that is instantly catchy and joy-inducing. Mirroring the rambunctious energy of the music are singers that are breaking the scene with their enviable sartorial choices encapsulated by OOTD silhouettes, punchy colours and logomania. And every OOT fit deserves a diamond drip that won’t disappoint. If you relate to the unabashed nature of Punjabi music then your diamonds must follow suit as you gear up to watch Diljeet  Dosanjh  or AP Dhillon live at their next gig. Sing along to the bold and uplifting lyrics as you sport ultra-modern diamond jewellery – have your pick from stacked diamond bracelets highlighted with enamel work, cocktail rings interspersed with coloured stones and even layered XXL diamond chokers. Style your head-turning jewellery with contemporary streetwear – a great way to express your spunky personality. 

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Rock On 

Why blend in when you can stand out? For decades, rock music has been the voice of the youth – one that speaks fearlessly about revolt and motivation. Diamonds don’t always have to be girly, so, staying true to the ideology of this genre, explore a variety of high-octane pieces that are off-kilter yet make a statement. Chunky necklaces imitating the chain link pattern and encrusted with glimmery natural diamonds is a sure-shot way to jazz up your distressed denim. Don’t shy away from layering some diamond studded ear cuffs with spiky earrings – a great way to finish off your impossibly chic yet edgy look to the next Metallica concert. 

High-Octane Diamonds for Distressed Denim

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A Regal Affair

An evening of Folk music on the rooftops of the historical Mehrangarh Fort calls for sporting your most decadent, heirloom diamond jewellery. The much-acclaimed Jodhpur Riff is a festival that boasts of music legends and royalty amongst its patrons making it an elegant affair filled with tradition and tunes. In accordance with the theme, use the occasion to sport bold and dramatic pieces that are evocative of India’s esteemed craft and culture. Glimmering necklaces dripping with polki and emeralds, dazzling diamond jhumkas with a smattering of emeralds that add further finesse to your best silks and cashmere and scintillating kundan bangles are all set to make you dazzle at a musical evening that celebrates homegrown talent proudly. 

Put your most stylish foot forward as you make a grand entrance at the next music festival, a glimmer on your neck and some shimmer on your wrists in the form of your favourite diamond jewellery will only seal the deal on an evening of tunes and dance. 

Bold Diamond Jewellery for Folk Music

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