A Diamond Is Born: AP Dhillon

‘Hidden gems’ cannot stay concealed for long. Just like the shining Indo-Canadian star, AP Dhillon, whose musical ‘takeover’ has been by design and ‘not by chance.’

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AP Dhillon styling natural diamonds
Image credit: Instagram @nikitajaisinghani, @primevideoin

Here’s a brown diamond that’s both uncommon and supernova: Amritpal Singh Dhillon, aka AP Dhillon, who burst onto the scene, delivering infectious Punjabi lyrics packaged in Trap fusion tunes. But his star power goes beyond his music. With his impressive meteoric rise to fame, he has made a strong case for the brown munde in the West. Despite being a global sensation, the 30-year-old singer, rapper, and record producer remains elusive, like the most precious gemstone one marvels at from afar.

Right enough, diamonds also constantly feature in his personal style, amping up his swagger while symbolising a journey from an aspiring artiste to a global icon. Think Drake, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Jay-Z, Li’l Wayne, and Travis Scott, who are drenched in bling. Natural diamonds are not just an accessory for them but a language of success and expression, a sparkly testament to their extravagant lifestyle. Their natural diamonds are more than just fashion for them – it’s their way of saying, ‘We made it!’ And AP is not too far behind in sporting diamonds as his sonic signature.

AP Dhillon’s top natural diamond moments

The Insane hitmaker is not an icon just for his bangers. From his undercut hairstyle, ducktail beard, to chunky sneakers & casual everyday chic style, AP makes no excuses for setting the style bar high. No matter how funky his clothes or chunky his shoes are, when it comes to jewellery, AP believes in downplaying it. Unlike other singers of his ilk, AP does not rely on too many accessories to make his look stand out. He prefers wearing bold, eye-catching pieces without being OTT. 

Here are times AP displayed his affinity for natural diamonds. 

Maestro of accessorising

If the solarised floral suit he donned at the premiere of his docuseries First of a Kind spelt sophisticated edginess, with his pick of jewellery, AP proved he has mastered the art of accentuation. He directed the spotlight to his outfit’s captivating details, letting a refined diamond tennis necklace and emerald ring from Mahesh Notandass add a dash of delicate drama to his ensemble. The tasteful choker showcased a contemporary twist by creating a harmonious counterpoint to the floral motif.

Big on bling

AP served a rare fusion of style and opulence at the NMACC event earlier this year. Opting for a sharp, tailored suit paired with a stunning natural diamond-and-emerald choker from Mahesh Notandass. He captivated the audience with his electrifying performance and distinctive fashion game. The rapper made a powerful statement, setting off the bold red Gucci blazer and matching trousers with a three-layered necklace.

Laid-back or luxe but not without his diamonds

The Ma Belle crooner has made as strong a case for simple and casual tees, jeans, or baggy pants as he does for the trendiest and edgiest clothes. From hoodies and denim jackets with patchwork to puffer or bomber jackets for a more laid-back look and even tailored suits, his diamond studs have remained a constant.

For instance, the minimalistic single hoop earring with a diamond solitaire perfectly complements his Louis Vuitton ensemble at his performance for First of a Kind.

The ‘stud’ at a surprise performance

Shortly before the release of First of a Kind, AP Dhillon was seen in an all-denim ensemble and let his love for the modern solitaire take centre stage. While he gave a surprise performance, the Gurdaspur-born star’s affinity to natural diamonds was not quite surprising. 

AP’s natural diamond style: One in a Dhillon

AP sure knows how to make a basic look striking. An all-black outfit may not be out of the ordinary, but adding a single-stringed diamond chain is somewhat of a masterstroke.

One look at AP Dhillon’s fashion moments, and it’s apparent he is not just a musical maven but a style icon who knows how to rock his natural diamonds with unparalleled finesse. Like a hidden gem that emerges into the spotlight, AP’s rise to stardom has been a meticulously crafted journey, presenting him as an icon for his music and love for natural diamonds.