Put a (different) ring on it

Only Natural Diamonds gives its nod to the newly minted Nod Mag. The platform shares its list of unique natural diamond engagement rings for the modern Indian bride-to-be. Scroll for the new rules of engagement.

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If you’ve spent hours envisioning your fairy-tale wedding or indulged in fantasies of the perfect life partner, chances are the image of the ideal engagement ring may have subtly lingered in the shadows of your imagination. It’s usually a classic diamond solitaire (the bigger, the better), resting on simple gold band. There’s even an emoji (💍) to encapsulate this ideal—a digital token that tells us this is it. 

But many women are now breaking away from classic ring styles and opting for more unconventional designs that express their distinct personalities and unique relationships.

The change is being driven by both ends of the market. Says Milan Choksi, CEO of fine jewellery brand Moksh, “From a consumer side, there’s a strong desire to stand out and have your own input. From the supply side, a squeeze on the margins of items like a conventional round diamond has pushed designers to think out of the box. Customisation is also now easier than ever before, allowing designers to cater to new tastes.”  

This adventurous spirit has led high-profile brands, independent jewellers, and emerging labels to challenge the status quo of the traditional engagement ring. And there are so many avenues for variation now. “Yellow gold, fancy diamond shapes, and coloured gemstones are gaining popularity. There’s so much more confidence with respect to expressing individuality and sentimentality,” says jewellery consultant and personal shopper Arundhati De-Sheth.

So whether you opt for an offbeat, coloured gemstone, a vintage-inspired piece, or an unusually cut natural diamond, there really is no wrong choice. Only the joy of discovering something uniquely yours. Scroll to see some of the most unique engagement rings that we think deserve your ‘I do’.

01 ARAYA Fine Jewellery

They say two heads are better than one, and we have to agree. This toi et moi ring features two coloured diamonds, but you could mix different gems and cuts to create something even more unique.

Toi et moi ring featuring two coloured diamonds from ARAYA Fine Jewellery

02 VAK Jewels

If you’re an all-natural diamond girl (and really, who isn’t?), move away from the more basic shapes like a round, princess, or emerald cut, and meet their newer, cooler sister—the oval. 

Oval-shaped natural diamond ring from VAK Jewels

03 Jessie Thomas Jewellery

A classic gold band, but with a twist (literally). If you must stay in the classics lane, you could replace a plain, streamlined band with a unique molten shape surrounding that rock. 

Molten shape gold band from Jessie Thomas Jewellery

04 Amrapali

Why choose between two stones when you can have both? Here, it’s an emerald and a diamond that are discreetly linked by a diamond-frosted band. But you could even use polki or uncut gems if you wanted to switch it up

Emerald and diamond ring with a diamond-frosted band from Amrapali

05 Arielle Ratner

Hearts, flowers, and even star-shaped rings are just some of the more playful motifs to consider. This pavé floral piece features a mega 4.72 carat diamond at its heart for added glamour. 

06 Hattie Rickards

If you aren’t the type to swoon over a dainty piece of jewellery, why not go for a more streetstyle look? A chunky, 1 carat diamond in the centre, framed by diamond baguettes make for a ring that’s equal parts androgynous and glamorous.

Ring with diamond baguettes from Hattie Rickards

07 Bear Brooksbank

We love a classic LBD so how about a Little Black Diamond as well? Fun fact: Black diamonds are known to possess metaphysical powers that are associated with protection, healing and grounding.

Black Diamond ring from Bear Brooksbank

08 Kamyen

A splash of royal blue, elegant, art deco-inspired lines, and a striking emerald-cut diamond—multiple design elements make this cocktail ring a distinctive choice. 

Royal blue art deco-inspired ring with an emerald-cut diamond from Kamyen

09 Moksh

Bring some colour to your ring finger with vibrant bands of baguette-cut stones. Emeralds, sapphires, or rubies, it’s the perfect way to have a little fun with colour. PS: you could pick your birth stone (or your partner’s) to make this even more special.

Ring with baguette-cut stones from Moksh