A Jewel That Says a Thousand Words

Meet the jewellery brand creating natural diamond wearable art inspired by dynamism in the static moments of life.

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Each of us cast our gaze upon the world, filtering and reinterpreting its essence through the prism of our individual perspective. For Milan Choksi, CEO of fine jewellery brand Moksh, exploring this world through travel is his form of escapism – “It takes me to different places, each with it’s own rich culture and history, and a distinct architectural language” shares Choksi. They say you should seek inspiration in realms beyond the parameters of your work, and like all of great artworks, the natural diamond treasures of Moksh, emanate the vast tapestry of the inner and outer workings of this world.

Were he not a jeweller, his path would have likely led him to become a photographer. – “My photographs are a reflection of the living moments hidden in this world caught in a frame  – the dynamism in the static; moments that are not recognised by the mind, but are felt by the heart” Milan explains. The dynamic fusion of light, textures, shapes, and patterns in a singular composition ignites Moksh’s creative spirit, enabling the exquisite presentation of natural diamonds in captivating design forms.

To metamorphose an image into a wearable object is an immense endeavor, and Choksi’s subjects are sometimes complex compositions which require a high-level of artistry.  Often frequenting the Jain temples of Ranakpur, Milan’s fascination of the carvings on the pillars and domes deepened, as he unearthed something novel and captivating upon every visit.  “The work on those temples, if one were to consider the tools and technology available back when they were created, were awe inspiring” shares Milan. When briefing his creative team on a new piece to be developed inspired by these captures, he explained he wanted earrings that could match the intricacy, beauty and three-dimensional structure of the domes. But at the same time, draw equal amazement to the future, just like the domes of the temple do today. “Lofty goals, but worth the effort!” he says.

With a storied past of three generations of creators – a gold merchant, diamond merchant and a jeweller – the brand uses its legacy to revive and refine old-age traditions reframing them through a contemporary lens.  “Setting diamond baguettes in channel, weaving pearls, setting natural diamond rose cuts and recutting gemstones into special cuts” are a few of the jewellery-making techniques best known to the brand. “We have an almost Ikigai like situation with these techniques” where they are wholly tied to the brand’s sense of purpose, Choksi explains. Often capturing images in black and white, Milan is fascinated by the various shades of grey and black, and how that can be translated through materials and craft:  “Unlike most other diamond shapes, baguettes have different facets, step cuts, which give the jewellery a unique glow. And because they are available in various lengths and breaths – it makes them versatile for us to use” when embodying the essence of some of Choksi’s subjects which are seen to include Art Deco Buildings, Forts, Palaces and Temples. The process of selecting, recutting and setting baguettes remains a very skillful process. “Maybe only 10% of all the jewellers globally can use baguettes effectively, which allows us to remain distinct and identifiable” he explains.

The beauty of Moksh lies in its layers. A single jewel that goes through layers of unseen stories, much like Choksi’s photos. “One of our necklaces is made up of 410 parts that have been individually assembled over 180 days by 20 makers, set with 300 bezel and channel set baguette natural diamonds, 841 prong and pavé set round diamonds, 78 fancy shapes rose-cut diamonds, 3,233 keshi pearls and 14 perfectly matched burma spinels.” describes Milan, almost mechanically. “Right from the cutter to the wearer of the jewel, each person plays a part in bringing the piece to life, evoking all of the senses”. As the artwork traverses through numerous hands, each person imparts a fragment of their essence, culminating in an irreplaceable masterpiece that pulsates with spirit and soul.

For Moksh, the translation of an inspiration image into design need not always be literal, but abstract. The sentiment and emotion of a photo also seeps into the materials and gemstones being used by the brand. Natural diamonds are used subtly but intentionally in many Moksh pieces. “Moksh is all about quiet luxury and authenticity. We are a bunch of purists that like the slow life!”  And when looking to a life of slow luxury, there is an irreplaceable allure to rare materials like natural diamonds. “A diamond is a piece of time that will never come back. Formed under the Earths surfaces eons ago, and handed to a loved one to celebrate a moment. One that may never repeat itself.” shares Choksi.

Whether it’s admiring a breathtaking painting or wearing an ethereal natural diamond necklace, both design-led jewellery and art are inherently a comparable worth. Captivating design with individuality that can transcend generations, all while holding a intrinsic value that blossoms with time.  “A diamond is physical, emotional, while also having a high financial value.” explains Milan. Opting to invest in an heirloom that not only offers a return on investment but also serves as a manifestation of your personal style appears to be an obvious choice.