Akshaya Tritiya: A Festival of Prosperity and New Beginnings

Celebrate yourself and invest in natural diamond jewellery on this auspicious day

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Earrings by AS Motiwala, Necklace by Ganjam, Ring by Amayra Jewellers
Earrings- AS Motiwala; Necklace- Ganjam; Ring- Amayra Jewellers

Akshaya Tritiya, which falls on the third day of the Hindu month of Vaishakha, is celebrated across the country with great ceremony. The origin of this sacred day remains one of Hindu mythology’s most memorable tales. The ‘Akshaya Patra’ was a divine vessel which was given to Yudhishthira by Surya. According to the epic Mahabharata, it offered an inexhaustible supply of food to the Pandavas. They received this much needed blessing during a period of exile, marking the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya. Real diamonds similarly, are a perennial source of pleasure and pride. It is due to their longevity that we often hear the adage, ‘every diamond tells a story.’ This year, celebrate the annual occasion with the most joyous investment—natural diamond jewellery you can wear every day!

Om Jewellers Layered Necklace, AS Motiwala Pendant
Layered Necklace- Om Jewellers; Pendant- AS Motiwala

Considered to be propitious for success and wealth, it is believed that an investment made on Akshaya Tritiya signifies good fortune. This special day is as much about acknowledging the delight of the present as it is about welcoming new, prosperous energy into your life. Invest in precious bling you can wear on the daily—think, a diamond locket to make you feel cherished every moment of the day or a pair of classic solitaires that will make both your outfits and life sparklier. 

Contemporary jewellery enthusiasts are opting for multi-purpose pieces that make for the best heirlooms—layered detachable necklaces, brooches that double up as pendants and chokers that can be worn as bracelets. Our recommendation? Opt for personalised natural diamond jewellery that elicits a deep emotional connection this Akshaya Tritiya. Imagine engraved rings as the ultimate symbol of love, a diamond studded watch with your name carved on it or a special precious stone bracelet for a loved one that features their initials. 

Ring by H Ajoomal (top) and Manoharlal Jewellers (bottom)
Ring – H Ajoomal (top) and Manoharlal Jewellers (bottom)

Formed over billions of years, diamonds reflect the same fortitude that lies at the heart of the origin of Akshaya Tritiya. The illumination and reflection of these gems is said to inspire magnified abundance for its wearer while its seeming invincibility drives away bad energy. Given their rarity, these stones make for a thoughtful gift to your loved ones, especially when they are on the cusp of a new beginning be it starting a new business, getting married or building their first home. With a unique versatility, they’re a great style fit for every occasion whether it is a festival, wedding, or even for everyday use.

Hoops by KAJ Fine Jewellery, Jhumkas by VBJ
Hoops- KAJ Fine Jewellery; Jhumkas- VBJ

Hafiz, a famous Persian poet from the 14th century once said, ‘the rainbow is confined in a diamond forever.’ Unlike wealth hidden away in a vault, these stones shine their brightest in the sun. This Akshaya Tritiya, indulge in unique diamond jewels which will be cherished for a lifetime while continuing to be a symbol of prosperity for your family for generations to come. It’s time to wear your heart and your lucky investment on your sleeve—quite literally!