Invest Like The Smart Girl You Are!

Saved up some dough from your paycheck? Adding natural diamonds to your portfolio is a smart idea. Read on why…

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Jewellery: (On Model) Layered necklace: Shea Luxe Jewels, Heart Earrings & Left-hand rings: Kaj Fine Jewellery, Right-hand ring: Jaipur Gems. (In Layout L-R) Solitaire Ring: Notandas Jewellers, Earrings & Pendant: Harakh, Ring: Manoharlal Jewellers, Bracelet: Faith by AS Motiwala

“Money is the anthem of success, so before we go out, what’s your address?” If Lana Del Rey’s track is your jam because money is the central theme for you, then you must have given investment a shot or at least a thought. After all, the new-age smart girl’s flex is having a fix on her money, spendings and being the main character of her own story. And with financial and technological finesse to boot, you must know a thing or two about investments. That’s all well and good, but how about adding a bit of bling to the stash?

Even if you’re spoilt for choice with an array of investment instruments to reach your financial goals and secure your future, here’s another way — natural diamonds. They are the moment. If you own them, feel outright hyped as you flaunt your sparkle and get the feeling that you have arrived.

Besides looking and feeling luxe in the now, you’ll have something extravagant that lasts a lifetime. Natural diamonds are like your financial investment plans. Just like you’d vet your risk appetite and choose an investment plan, you’ll find natural diamond jewellery in all forms and sizes. All you need to do is find yourself a diamond that’s on your wallet’s wavelength.

Add sparkle to your SIP

‘Little by little, a little becomes a lot,’ as the proverb goes. Holds true for your investment, in money or diamonds. If you don’t have a lot of moolah to spare, you can start small and build up a biggish amount thanks to a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) for mutual funds.

Investing in a diamond necklace
Jewellery: (Top-bottom) House of Rose, Aisshpra Gems & Jewels

Same goes for your natural diamond jewellery. Pick up small & dainty diamond pieces regularly and make a biggish collection over time, like rings, bracelets or even layered necklaces. You can wear them together as stackables, which always look lit.

Diamond jewellery or equities, you can diversify

Just like shares and equities are driven by a company’s performance and profitability, natural diamond jewellery diamond jewellery is driven by its rarity, durability and aesthetic appeal.

Diamond as equities
Bracelet: Gehna Jewellers, Ring: House of Rose

Diversification is the name of the game in both cases, as you will be spoilt for choice with an array of options from budget-friendly diamond pendants and nose studs to pricey diamond necklaces and bangles. Remember, the better the quality of both, the more valuable your assets will be.

Classic jewellery like low-risk investment hits different

Having a sound investment plan and classic jewellery is the real deal because the risk of going wrong are next to one. Pieces such as solitaire studs and statement diamond bracelets handcrafted or with artisanal cuts are assets to treasure that are oh-so-safe and not prone to risks that experimenting can.

Diamond studded bangles investment

Bangle: A.S. Motiwala

Diamond studded earrings investment

Earrings: Harakh

Invest in Diamond necklace

Necklace: Shea Luxe Jewels

These are like your good ol’ government investment schemes that you can invest a big among of dough in safely. In both cases, their value only gets better in the long run.

Heirloom jewellery like fixed deposit never goes out of style

There’s a reason why some things from our grandma’s pearls era don’t lose charm—whether a rare signature piece of natural diamond jewellery or Fixed Deposits that are passed down to generations.

Diamond necklace for a long-term investment

Necklace: A.S. Motiwala

Diamond Earrings for a long-term investment

Earrings: Amayra Jewellery

Diamond Bracelets for a long-term investment

Bracelet: H. Ajoomal Fine Jewellery

The heirloom attribute of both adds to its rarity and inheritance always has a special kind of preciousness attached to it, right? So, if you have a decent pile of money, don’t sleep on that statement diamond jewellery.

Diamond jewellery like cryptocurrency, but you can actually wear it

If you’re all about keeping up with the latest trends, then you might want to consider investing in some killer natural diamond jewellery pieces that are taking the fashion world by storm. Think chokers, body jewellery, ear climbers, and coloured gems with diamonds.

Diamond rings for a long-term investment
Ring: Amayra Jewellery

Sure, you won’t be making millions overnight like some crypto investors claim to, but you’ll turn heads and elevate your style game. So, if you’re willing to take a risk once in a while and fork out a small fortune, make it a piece of jewellery that you can flaunt always.

So, when your paycheck is in, be investment-smart and diamond-smart. That’s because these gems are time-tested. No matter what the budget or savings, safe or experimental, heirloom or new-age, there’s something for everyone. And the longer you have them, the more valuable they become. Just like your trusty financial investment instruments. As you build your investment portfolio, grab those natural diamonds, too, and build a nifty jewellery box and an enviable collection!