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Vijay Jain, Former CEO and Founding Director of one of India’s first jewellery e-commerce platforms ORRA, shares his insights on how to buy your natural diamond jewellery online.

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Jewellery E-Commerce Platforms
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The next time you wish to indulge in diamond jewellery, you might just want to pick up your phone. The days of waiting for the family jeweller to come home to you or the elaborate planning around a visit to the jewellery showroom are a thing of the past. With technology firmly embedded in our lives today, you can have the best of both worlds while sitting in the comfort of your living room.

Considering how personal the journey of buying a piece of natural diamond jewellery is, a common question that arises is – “how does looking up natural diamonds on the Internet match up to how natural diamonds have been bought in the past?” The fact of the matter is that the digital space today, especially through the use of smartphones, has customised each person’s shopping experience. Think of the conversations you have on your messaging platforms on a daily basis or the last video or movie that you saw online. Conversational commerce is becoming one of the largest drivers of interaction and growth while purchasing online. 

Owing to the big shift towards e-commerce, jewellery retailers have been focused to put the groundwork in place to rapidly adapt to this new environment, while also ensuring that the soul of the entire experience remains unchanged. Of course, it’s not quite the same as walking into a glittering showroom, but they’ve managed to find equally attractive ways to enhance a customer’s experience. Think of it as retail therapy, with a dash of convenience.

Imagine lounging on your favourite couch and browsing a catalogue, instead of spending long hours hopping from one store to another. Here’s everything you need to know to stop fretting and start clicking to buy your next natural diamond accessory online

Try before you buy: Virtual Journey to Shape Your Diamond Style

How one chooses to wear a diamond is completely personal. It could be understated or flamboyant, but it’s a function of both an individual preference and the occasion. A lot depends on the way the rock graces a person and the good news is that one no longer needs to visit the store to try out the piece of jewellery. E-commerce platforms now allow for an in-depth experience and visualization of the products. Based on 3D imaging techniques, 360-degree videos, highly visual and informative multimedia simulations, customers have the ability to browse and customize styles to make a self-motivated purchase decision. Some brands are also beginning to work with augmented reality, an increasingly growing feature in the fashion and jewellery industry. It is now possible to flick through various collections to understand what suits you best, followed by virtual try-ons to gain a perspective of the look. 

Selecting diamond Jewellery on E-Commerce Platform
Jewellery: CaratLane (peach background) and Forevermark (blue background)

The latest Try On feature offered by Tanishq allows you to do just that for over 3,000 products that include earrings, necklaces and pendants. It’s how you’ve always gone about buying natural diamonds, only this time around, they’ve made every effort to bring the jewellery store to you. Caratlane, who have been pioneers in the online space and started solely as an e-commerce player, now have stores across India. Retailers have managed to beautifully blend their offline and online presence. 

Diamond certification with the essential 4C’s

Traditionally, purchasing natural diamonds has always been an intimate affair conducted in person and sealed with a personal touch based on trust. As in the case of other luxury products, word of mouth, testimonials and recommendations are the norm. In the virtual world, these testimonials have come a long way in showcasing the seller’s reputation. However, the authenticity of a stone need no longer be just about the reputation of the brand, as all solitaires come with a certification from a recognised agency. There are a host of reputed labs such as Gemological Institute of America, International Gemological Institute, International Gemological Laboratories, Solitaire Gemological Laboratories, Gemological Science International, European Gemological Laboratory (USA), Hoge Raad Voor Diamant and last but not least, Forevermark, whose grading reports assess a natural diamond on the basis of the renowned 4C’s – cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. Any reliable retailer will have these essentials in place to make it a stress-free buying experience. An international brand Graff for example, has every diamond evaluated and assessed, from the 4C’s prescribed by the GIA to the certifications offered on every jewellery piece.

Diamond Report

Curated for you

I read that American pop singer Ariana Grande’s engagement ring was designed entirely over Facetime and Zoom calls. This convenience means that for most retailers, the first point of contact these days has moved online, starting with chats on messaging platforms to exchange ideas, before scheduling an appointment with an expert through a video call – a feature that has been offered by Orra and TBZ for a while now. At times, the final sale is made after a reliable representative comes over for a trial session at home, especially when there is buyback of old jewellery involved in continuation with age-old traditions. 

E-Commerce Platform for Diamond Jewellery purchase 

An online inventory also makes a larger collection accessible at your fingertips. It gives you enough time to research the product and compare rates to figure out the best merchandise for you. Most websites have filters for greater efficiency in narrowing down on the one for you. Additionally, the algorithms in place let retailers make suitable suggestions based on your browsing pattern, while also keeping in mind the budget on hand. Regular updates and insights through online newsletters and brochures mean that you are always abreast of the latest designs in the dynamic world of contemporary natural diamond jewellery.

Sealed and delivered

Over time, a number of processes have been streamlined given how precious the stones are. Today, diamonds are shipped in nondescript and tamper-proof packaging, with insurance coverage and flexible return and exchange policies. Surat Diamond Jewellery assures you delivery within 24 hours across the country, allowing for quick, last-minute buys to fulfil your impulses. Others like Malabar Gold & Diamonds offer a 14-day return policy, while you may return or exchange any Cartier creation within 30 days in a new and unused state. Bluestone has a cash on delivery option, making it as simple as buying a pair of jeans online. This investment in time has been worth its while, given the immersive experience that is guaranteed today. Retailers have been able to offset costs such as rent, upkeep and salaries that they would otherwise encounter in showrooms. This in turn means that the same diamond now gets more economical for you!

Shop Diamond Jewellery on E-Commerce Platform
Jewellery: Kirtilals

For those still in doubt, there is no better time to embrace the future of buying diamonds. This well-rounded package is sure to strike a chord with your tastes. And once it clicks, rest assured, your latest purchase is just a click away from coming home to you.

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