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Not Without My Best Friend

We present to you Friendship day gift ideas you can choose from to make your bestie feel like they are one in a million.

Not Without My Best FriendJewellery (L-R): Bracelet: Hazoorilal Legacy by Sandeep Narang, Bracelet: Neha Lulla Jewellery, and Pendant: Jaipur Gems
Jewellery (L-R): Bracelet: Hazoorilal Legacy by Sandeep Narang, Bracelet: Neha Lulla Jewellery, and Pendant: Jaipur Gems

4 AM calls, laughing fits, private jokes, shopping escapades and impromptu slumber parties – there’s only one person with who you share all of these incredible moments, your best friend. They’re your rock of support, the family you choose and your first love in its truest sense.
Celebrate Friendship’s Day with a friendship that has stood the test of time, remind yourselves of its worth with the worthiest of gifts – a natural diamond. Symbolic of all your coming of age experiences, real diamond jewellery is a sparkling totem of all your wonderful memories and the exciting moments yet to come. Our curated Friendship’s Day gifts selection presents you with options galore – everything from a delicate pendant to a diamond-studded cuff. Unique designs to match a unique personality, after all, who knows your bestie better than you?

Through Thick and Thin


Real friendships are defined not only by the sunny days but also by the testing times. A bad break-up, a personal loss, or whether you’re just having one of those days where nothing seems to go right – you can always count on your bestie to uplift your spirits.

And while life evolves at shutter-speed, you are sure to conquer any hardships and challenges that might come along the way, with your best friend standing by your side resolutely. Wish your friend a Happy Friendship Day with an emblematic totem that seals this promise. Gift them a Limitless Two-Finger diamond ring from Her Story which is set in 18K rose gold and has a geometric three-dimensional design. Trillion-cut faceted diamonds are set like pyramids on the three floating edges of the ring, symbolic of the support you get from your best friend.

Jewellery: Her Story

My Secret Keeper


Hushed conversations and stifled giggles, sometimes you can convey your thoughts without saying anything at all to your best friend. Friendships have their love language, moments peppered with laughter, tears, and your best-kept secrets. Celebrate the power of trust with these dazzling natural diamond drop earrings – symbolic of stolen whispers, this classic design deserves to dangle and glint from the ears of your confidant for honouring that unspoken code. This spectacular design features princess cut real diamonds set in white gold – a contemporary look and will never go out of style – just like your friendship.

Jewellery: Hazoorilal Jewellers by Sandeep Narang

Good Vibes Only


Dating back to Greek classical antiquity, the evil eye ‘looks’ at the world and is a talisman that protects you from evil spirits, and potentially bad energy. What started as the quintessential glass amulet in shades of indigo has transformed into a design explored by many fine diamond jewellery brands today, in the most novel manners. Your best friend is your guardian angel – always prepared to stand up for you and protect you in times of need. The evil eye charm pendant by Jaipur Gems is a beautiful embodiment of the security in your friendship. Speckled with natural diamonds in white and yellow gold, this delicate yet statement piece is perfect for your bestie to add to their everyday necklace stack.

Jewellery: Jaipur Gems

The Biggest Cheerleader


Sometimes, our best role models are our closest friends. They’re driven, inspiring and hardworking – ready to conquer each task of the day with an unflinching attitude. They’re also always around to guide you, encourage you and give you just the right push to excel at what you do best – haven’t we all rehearsed an interview call with our best friend on the other line? And haven’t you beamed with pride every time they achieve a new milestone in their careers? Celebrate this warrior spirit that nurtures your friendship with a natural diamond cuff– bold, powerful and unabashed. The Rose bracelet by Moi features mixed metals and is studded with brilliant-cut diamonds – a vision of resilience.

Jewellery: MOI


To All the Nights of Revelry


What’s better than a night of drinks and dancing? The process of getting dressed for it! Whether it’s the awkward teenage years spent braiding each other’s hair and swathing your faces with glittery make-up to the refined adult years of donning the perfect outfit, completed with some diamond jewellery borrowed from your bestie, the joyful experience of getting ready together never gets old. Your best friend is not only your favourite companion for a night out around the town, but is also your personal stylist. As an ode to these cherished memories, this layered natural diamond necklace makes a great addition to your best friend’s jewellery box, apt for any occasion. Encrusted with round sparkling diamonds in 18k gold, this design is the epitome of glamour and is a marvellous reminder of swaying to your favourite tracks on the dance floor.

Jewellery: Tara Fine Jewelry

The Band for Forever Friendships


The arrival of Friendship’s Day ushers in excitement and anticipation. Most of our adolescent years have been filled with nostalgia of evenings spent painstakingly braiding and embellishing friendship bands before the big day arrives. While tying the band further strengthens this bond, it also fosters feelings of belonging and closeness.
As you transition into adult life, the friendship bands take on a grown-up approach through a beautiful gold bracelet with natural diamonds designed in rose gold. Exemplifying the constancy of your friendship, some traditions are everlasting, just like diamonds.

Jewellery: Neha Lulla Jewellery


Our best friends share many defining moments through all seasons of life. From the several lessons the ongoing pandemic has taught us, we need to value, build and cherish these relationships even more. So, show them how much they mean to you, through exquisite pieces that will encapsulate all the precious emotions of your alliance. There’s no better way than to say it with natural diamonds.