Vogue Annual Jewellery Trend Report 2021

Vogue India presents its Annual Jewellery Trend Report putting the spotlight on Natural Diamond Council’s first-ever Jewellery Trend Report 2021

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Top row - Shoulder dusters by BR Designs, Gender-fluid medallion necklace by AS Motiwala Fine Jewellery, Geometric design earrings by Her Story, and necklace by Moksh - Fine Unseen Jewels. Bottom row - Geometric design ring by ORRA, Statement cuff by Harakh and New Heirloom necklace by Amaris

“As we embark on a new month, bringing both promise of spring and a new season, it seems apt that Vogue and the Natural Diamond Council would collaborate to bring to you all, the 2021 jewellery trend report. If there is anything the past year has taught us, it is to savour quality craftsmanship and timeless design, in all aspects of our lives and that is our mantra going forward. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we buy and invest in pieces that can be passed down, through generations. And what says forever more than a natural diamond?”

– Priya Tanna, Editor-In-Chief, Vogue India

“Natural diamonds have always been at the forefront of fashion, symbolic of timelessness and emotion. Whether worn as an accessory or an ally, diamonds not only impress but express how we feel and who we are. This report is a product of love and labour, and I hope it inspires you to wear your personality, and most importantly, have fun with jewellery.”

– Richa Singh, Managing Director, India, Natural Diamond Council


“There is no easier way to dress up a look than to add a dangler earring. For me, the bigger and bolder it is, the better. Nothing says ‘effortless’ more than a pair of diamond danglers that steers even my casual tank tops and jeans into seriously sophisticated territory”

Priyanka Parkash, Jewellery Editor, Vogue India

“The allure of the shoulder-grazing earring is unparalleled. Easy to style, this fine jewellery trend takes its cues from the runway. They are chic, glamorous, and a pair in natural diamonds will see you through every occasion”

Richa Singh, Managing Director, Natural Diamond Council

“Modern heirlooms promise to be a wardrobe staple for decades to come. I’m not one for jewellery that lies in the safe, so you’ll see me wearing these natural diamond, neo-modern pieces with a shirt and jeans or with a cocktail sari when the occasion demands”

Priyanka Kapadia, Fashion Director, Vogue India

“Look for unique shapes and designs to have your jewellery make the perfect statement. The right angles make for a great hero piece”

Priyanka Khanna, Fashion Features Director, Vogue India

“A statement cuff makes for the perfect arm candy. Whether worn with a sari or a cocktail dress for special occasions, or layered with your watch for some everyday ott, the statement cuff is the ideal addition to your jewellery capsule collection”

Priya Tanna, Editor-in-Chief, Vogue India

While diamond trends take a new form in the new norm, it’s most important is to stay true to your comfort in personal style. Natural diamonds are meant to inspire creativity in the new with the balance of familiarity in the old. Because natural diamonds are timeless, unique, and mostly designed to make you feel authentic.

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