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Vogue x NDC Diamond Festival – Day 1

The ultimate celebration of all things natural diamonds with some of the world’s most distinguished experts.

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Vogue x NDC Diamond Festival – Day 1

It’s reigning diamonds! The second edition of Vogue India x Natural Diamond Council’s virtual Diamond Festival was designed to inspire and educate on all things diamonds. Over two excitement-filled days, this dazzling event explored the beauty and wonder of natural diamonds in all their magnificence. From exciting new advancements to illuminating conversations, with the bests of the diamond world – this festival was nothing less than a highlight of our year.

The first day of the virtual Diamond Festival was as much an occasion as a celebration. A sparkling conversation between Richa Singh, Managing Director at Natural Diamond Council, India and Megha Kapoor, Editor at Vogue, gave us a peek into the changing landscape of the diamond world – setting the tone for all that the festival had to offer. 

Whether it was the ultimate Gen-Z style icon Sara Ali Khan talking about her first diamond memory, Tan France’s two cents on finding one’s unique style or Masoom Minawala laying down the rules for the new age wedding guest attire – day 1 of the Diamond Festival was packed to the brim with exuberance and glamour.

Think it couldn’t get any better? Wait.For.It. The event wrapped up on a high note with the bold, brazen and equally brilliant Bollywood wives spilling their diamond secrets!

In case you missed it, scroll down for a first-hand glimpse of everything that took place on Day 1 of the festival. And stay tuned for even more sparkle coming your way tomorrow!

Let's Talk Diamonds

Vogue India’s Editor, Megha Kapoor and Managing Director India & Middle East at Natural Diamond Council, Richa Singh kick-off Vogue India and the Natural Diamond Council’s Diamond Festival 2022 by unpacking what’s to come in the festival over the next few days and how diamonds are being recontextualised for the modern world.

Diamonds and The Gen-Z Star

A conversation set to sparkle your screens, Vogue India’s Fashion Features Director, Akanksha Kamath speaks to Actress, Gen-Z icon and young royal, Sara Ali Khan on her diamond must-have pieces, her grandmother’s iconic style and breaking the royal Pataudi Family’s tradition of passing down diamond heirlooms.

The Self-expressers

Jewellery is a form of self-expression; a medium to play, experiment and discover your individual style. Fashion Features Director of Vogue India, Akanksha Kamath speaks to three visionaires who share a unique voice in style. Celebrated TV personality, Tan France, designers Ana Khouri and Hanut Singh discuss growing into the people they are today, using and wearing diamonds distinctively and finding their individual style.

The New Guard of Diamond Designers

There’s a new guard of diamond designers disrupting the fine jewellery industry one jewel at a time. Radhika Somaia, Jewellery Consultant and Contributor chats with Pratik Shah of Estaa Gems on the ever-evolving jewellery landscape globally, the rise of independent fine jewellers and what inspires them to innovate and lead in design.

Ask Me Anything: Your Diamond Guide

From engagement ring trends to the perfect diamond push presents, we’ve got all the answers for all your diamond needs with Vogue India’s ‘Ask me anything’ on diamonds minisode. Three diamond experts set out to answer the most asked diamond questions on Google.

How to Style: Modern-day Heirlooms

“If you’ve had a diamond heirloom passed down through generations in your family, you would know how it instils a nostalgic feeling, all the while being an innate part of you – whether repurposed with a different setting, style or ensemble.” Catch Anu Merton in conversation with Vogue India’s Fashion Features Director, Akanksha Kamath, as she talks about diamond jewels that one can wear now and forever.

Diamond Squad: Diamond of the Ball

This season’s diamond, Charithra Chandran, also known as Edwina Sharma opens up to Vogue India’s Editor, Megha Kapoor on her personal journey with diamonds, her favourite red carpet designers and the regency era jewels that she works with on the sets of Bridgerton.

Diamond Squad: The Bollywood Wives Edition

This year’s diamond festival brings you a collective of women who are dripping in diamonds both on-screen and off-screen. Neelam Kothari, Bhavana Pandey, Maheep Kapoor and Seema Kiran Sajdeh, #TheFabulousWivesOfBollywood talk to us about all things diamonds. From Seema losing a diamond stud at sea to Maheep’s admiration for her late sister-in-law Sri Devi’s jewellery box, this squad of true diamond lovers give us exclusive access to their diamond stories.

The New Wedding Guest Avatar

The New Wedding Guest Avatar
There’s a new wedding guest avatar in the making. To understand more about what’s led to this change, Jewellery Consultant and Contributor Radhika Somaia, talks to Gaurav Gupta (India’s leading Couturier), Masoom Minawala (Influencer) and Saanchi Gilani (Tastemaker).

Speaking on the versality and functionality of natural diamonds to the future of brides, this is a must-listen style guide to the upcoming season of weddings.

What's trending?: Engagement rings in 2022

When it comes to seeking out the very best engagement ring for your beloved, even the most radical, avid jewellery enthusiasts find themselves overwhelmed with the vast plethora of choices. To help you navigate through the cluster and pick put the diamond as glorious as your relationship, Jessica McCormack and Beanie Major are here to highlight the engagement rings to hold and behold in 2022.