Colourful Natural Diamond Jewels to Bookmark

From muted tones to bold hues, colourful jewellery adds a fresh approach to self-expression.

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Coloured diamond Necklace from Simsum Fine Jewellery
Earrings Estaa Gems • Necklace (Top to Bottom) Simsum Fine Jewellery. C. Krishniah Chetty Jewellers

Unconventional colour combinations, monochromatic designs, rainbow hues, earthy tones– chromotherapy is giving a whole new meaning to retail therapy.

Jewellery has always been an emotional purchase, and for centuries colour has evoked the full spectrum of emotions, so it’s no surprise it’s made a comeback after a period of doom and gloom. Designers are pairing a wide variety of colours with diamonds to add an extra level of personality to their pieces– they’re abandoning all the rules of what was once considered acceptable. They’re breaking boundaries and introducing whimsical elements and a sense of youthfulness into designs.

Coloured diamond necklace - Rosa Amoris
Necklace Rosa Amoris
Coloured diamond stacked rings
Stacked Rings (Top to Bottom) Kaj Fine Jewellery.Notandas Jewellers. H. Ajoomal Fine Jewellery. A.S Motiwala Fine Jewellery. Kaj Fine Jewellery. Notandas Jewellers

A quick search on the current top jewellery trends, and you’ll find that colourful jewellery stands out as a clear front runner, infiltrating everything from high jewellery designs to everyday pieces. From runways to red carpets, colour in all its form was in attendance.

“I’m enjoying the insouciance with natural diamonds. Earlier there were rules that you couldn’t mix them with less precious stones, but people are having so much fun with this rainbow palette,” says Nonita Kalra, Editor in Chief at Tata CliQ Luxury.

Embracing Personal Style: Self-Expression, Sustainability, and Innovative Design in Jewellery

This concept of fun luxury aims to satisfy the daily desires of jewellery enthusiasts who seek the freedom to express themselves through various forms of adornment. This approach, combined with the growing demand for sustainability, has led consumers to seek out high-quality products that not only endure the test of time, but also embody a playful spirit. Milan Choksi of Moksh adds “with the advent of newer and more advanced manufacturing skills, different metals, alloys, and enamel, designers and brands are able to add a whole other dimension to the way in which they showcase colour.”

For Jewellery Editor, Sarah Royce-Greensill,

“Natural diamonds enhance the colours of the gemstones and add sparkle, making for a joyful, impactful piece.”

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Diamonds & Colour: Expressing Freedom in Jewellery Choices

The real driving force behind colour and its demand is freedom. We want the freedom to wear what we want, how we want, and when we want. Colourful everyday jewellery hits that sentiment on all angles and it’s the most democratic of trends.

“A natural diamond is like a black dress. It’s perfect. It’s always going to be right. But you can’t limit your life to a black dress. Once in a while you want to wear something different. That’s how I feel about a diamond. It’s classic but sometimes you want a little fun, and that’s where coloured stones play a key role,”adds Rhea Kapoor.

You could choose to wear a fancy-coloured stone in an unusual cut or setting that might cost a fortune, or opt for something more affordable like a simple pair of solitaire earrings in an enamel jacket (see Sapna Mehta’s ‘Summer Sorbet’ collection) – both would suit your everyday needs but both fall at different end of the spectrum on price points. That’s the beauty with colour, there are so many ways to express this one theme.