Is It Time That Men Started Building Their Own Jewellery Collection?

From classic natural diamond cuts that make you look sharp, to solitaires that make you stand out, there’s a lot to unpack. So, if you’re a dude looking to up your style game with jewellery, here’s a guide to get started.

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Today, most jewellery is created for and marketed towards women; however, in the past, it was the men who used to be the main wearers, dating back to between 320-295 BC in India and soon became a symbol of wealth in power. At the time, these diamonds were worn in their rough, often octahedral form, and were seen as lucky charms by those who wore them. Over the centuries, as word of their beauty spread, demand for diamonds grew globally amongst the upper classes, with many shipped to royal families in Europe and beyond, and today make up some of the world’s most iconic jewellery creations including the Koh-I-Noor and the Regent diamond.

Nowadays, men’s diamond solitaire jewellery is making a comeback, and an increasing number of celebrities are showing us the different ways you can add a little bling to your look. Take inspiration from Pharrell Williams, who casually sports an exquisite $2 million yellow diamond ring. Who can forget Rami Malek’s alluring art deco diamond brooch at the 2023 MET Gala? Or Ranveer Singh lovingly wearing his mom’s solitaire studs? Each look certainly gained the status of ‘iconic’.

Whether you’re planning on borrowing from your wife’s collection or hitting up the boutiques, we’ve rounded up our favourite jewellery styles that will ensure you’re the centre of attention. 


I’m All Ears

Ear piercings for men are nothing new, but how you style your ear can make all the difference. Whilst traditionally, men opt for brilliant-cut diamonds, different-shaped natural diamond solitaires can be more edgy and fashion-forward. Try a sharp look like a rectangular emerald cut diamond or something more unique like an oval. Alternatively, add a masculine pop of colour to your ear with mesmerizing black diamonds. For an added edge, you could try playing up colours, coordinating your natural diamond earrings with a dramatic monochromatic look.

H Craft Fine Jewellery’s Mysterious Emerald cut solitaire studs feature multiple emerald-cut diamonds beautifully set to appear as a single stone. Wear them alone on the lower lobe, or stack them higher up with a simple gold hoop. 

Bapalal Keshavlal

A bezel setting – where the diamond is encased in a thin metal rim – offers a modern and sleek alternative to the classic solitaire. Bapalal Keshavlal’s oval-shaped diamond pair totals 1.41 carats of spectacular HVVS1 natural diamonds making them a glamorous addition to your earlobe.


KAJ Fine Jewels

Black diamonds are the ultimate masculine precious gemstone. These mini Black Diamond Hoops from KAJ Fine Jewellery feature naturally-mined black diamonds set on rhodium-plated 18-karat white gold, resulting in a modern pair that will give you some serious style mileage.


Emerald-cut solitaire diamonds offer a more masculine alternative to the traditional stud. Here, these half-carat studs from Cellini feature a simple four-prong setting, allowing all the focus to be on the stones. Lightweight and classically designed, this is a pair that you’ll be able to wear day in and day out. 


The Bling Ring

Men’s rings are making a comeback, largely thanks to Netflix’s One Day where Dex is never seen without his signature signet ring. And whilst a family coat of arms is usually de rigueur rigour, the traditional signet is getting a makeover with an increasing number of designers adding natural diamonds and enamel.

If signet rings aren’t your thing, then a modern yet simplistic ring from Dubai-based La Marquise is sure to complement your everyday style. This stunning ring from their Lumière© collection features scintillating, ethically

Nouf Jewellery

You can always look to Nouf Jewellery to add an element of whimsy to otherwise traditional designs. Here, they’ve elevated the signet ring with a stunning heart-shaped natural diamond solitaire surrounded by navy enamel. Borrow a leaf from Pharrell Williams’s style book who was recently spotted wearing a similar ring that caught everyone’s eyes. This ring will pair well with both casual and more formal looks.



Hazoorilal by Sandeep Narang takes the humble signet ring to the next level by sprinkling pave diamonds on the face and either side. Wear it for formal evenings when cufflinks aren’t called for.


Jaipur-based Gyan adds some serious sparkle power to the signet ring with a dazzling three-carat emerald-cut solitaire diamond that is also surrounded by additional pave-set natural diamonds set on yellow gold. Eye-catching and dramatic, it’s the perfect ring for special occasions.


Put a Pin in It

Take a cue from Anant Ambani – a brooch is a quick-fix way to dress up your look. Take the bandhgala; it is instantly elevated by wearing one rather than a pocket square. Alternatively, pair a more minimal brooch or pin with a solid-coloured tie and a traditional suit for a touch of bling that will ensure you stand out.

Etched into the brand’s ethos of challenging the dogma of mainstream jewellery design, Studio Renn’s Yellow Gilded Brooch features sculptural realisations with overlapping white and rose gold curves set with natural diamonds. Wear it on a white tuxedo jacket or a neutral-coloured bandhi to add a little glamour, alternatively, this versatile piece can also be worn as a pendant.


Embrace the Art Deco aesthetic with this sleek antique piece brooch from Cartier. Created in 1928, it features a selection of natural diamonds in differing cuts, set within a black onyx border. Elegant and sophisticated, it will instantly elevate your bandhgala.

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Bafleh Jewellery

Add a pop of colour to your look with Bafleh Jewellery. This delicately-crafted brooch features sparkling marquise diamonds, and is offset with dramatic encrusted wings in a vibrant pink. 

Tiffany and Co.

Get set to make an impact with Tiffany & Co’s Bird on a Rock. One of this century’s most iconic jewellery creations, it was designed by Jean Schlumberger in 1965. The brooch features a natural diamond-set bird set above a brilliant 15-carat fancy intense Yellow diamond solitaire “rock.”