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Presenting a curated list of the finest natural diamond jewellery brands in India.

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Stylish, timeless, rare, extraordinary – these are just some of the words that comes to mind when we discuss the gorgeous beauty of natural diamonds. But the journey is so much more than that – it is one of passion, love and dedication. When this precious gemstone meets precise artistry, we witness an invigorating blend of sophistication with versatility – tradition with modernity.

In every piece of jewellery, we adore so much, what shines the brightest is the craftsmanship. The unparalleled expertise in meticulously creating artistic wonders, brings us jewellery that transcends time. A creator’s vision to craft extraordinarily high jewellery designs that magnify the beauty of nature, and eye for detail deserve to be celebrated. From bringing to life the splendour of traditions to honouring classical art forms to experimenting with contemporary trends, jewellers not only venerate the rich heritage of our country but also the art, culture, and zeal that every generation echo.

Pushing the boundaries of design, our jewellers are our icons and change agents. Commemorating this ideology, Natural Diamond Council in collaboration with Condé Nast Traveller has introduced The Diamond Standard List. In this exciting Diamond Standard List, we take a look at the pioneers leading the way with creations that celebrates the uniqueness in all of us. From iconic jewellers who profoundly explore the multifaceted expressions of heirloom diamonds to classic brands that achieve a beautiful harmony between individual style, modernity and traditional craftsmanship to Avant Garde trendsetters who represent sleek sophistication and a keen futuristic style, they all captivate the intrinsic beauty of natural diamonds to elevate our special moments.

These quintessential brands have dedicated themselves to this magical stone and the values that accompany it: passion, authenticity and expertise. With conscious luxury and impeccable design at their core, these brands celebrate natural diamonds with their collections that are tailored to cater to your personal style in different settings.

Joining forces with Condé Nast Traveller to reveal The Diamond Standard List and commemorate the achievements of the jewellery industry is an incredible moment. This list is a testament to our love of artistry, beauty and slow fashion and the passion that drives everything classic and avant-garde in the jewellery industry. We hope it will inspire our readers to dream and aspire to more remarkable designs as they celebrate their special moments with exquisite natural diamond jewellery that truly reflects their personality and style statement.

Richa Singh, Managing Director – Natural Diamond Council, India & Middle East

The Diamond Standard 2022 is our first annual collaboration with NDC that celebrates the India launch of CNT’s global flagship—the Gold List. Curated by our editors across the world, both The Gold List and The Diamond Standard recognise the best in their industries, brands that help our discerning audiences create memories that last a lifetime.

Divia Thani, Global Editorial Director, Conde Nast Traveller.

Elevating the brilliance of natural diamonds, the winners of The Diamond Standard List are:


  • Ganjam
  • Khurana Jewellery House
  • Gem Palace
  • NAC Jewellers


  • Anmol
  • De Beers Forevermark
  • Jaipur Gems
  • Moksh – Fine Unseen Jewels


  • VAK Jewels
  • House Of Umrao
  • VRK by Khanna Jewellers
  • Mirari

Celebrating Indian heritage, art and craftsmanship along with modern technology, Sabyasachi Jewellery was recognised as The Diamond Disruptor.

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