The Glorious Marriage of Denim And Diamonds

What happens when two classics come together? Easy to carry and even easier to put together, denims and diamonds are a foolproof formula for a mood-boosting fit.

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Left to right: On Sana – Ring, Om Jewellers. On Preet – Earrings, Anmol | Jewellers: Necklace, Navrattan Jewellers. Chain and Diamond ring, Moksh - Fine Unseen Jewels. Bands, Faith by A.S. Motiwala. Bangle, Tara Fine Jewellery; On Anvi – Earrings, Notandas Jewellery. Necklace, Anmol Jewellers. Pendant, Faith by A.S. Motiwala. Ring, Tara Fine Jewellery.

Think the diamond shine is only meant for dressing to the nines? Think again. 
Fashion in 2022 is full of delightful juxtapositions. It’s about bringing out the unexpected, contrasting textures and aesthetics, and having fun while you’re at it. And what’s more fun than wearing natural diamonds out and about casually, for no grand reason?

This is your cue to bring your jewels out of the dark confines of your closet and throw them on just because you feel like it. Add jeans into the mix and you’ve got a look that spells out high/low style.

Dare To Match

Love it or not, few fabrics are as deep-rooted in modern culture as denim. Those who fall in the “love-it” camp often find themselves going back to a rather polarising fashion choice: double denim.

“Denim-on-denim is a staple pairing that’s only gotten more popular with age. But the idea of pairing them with diamonds is to collide and synergise different aesthetics: casual and rare, functional and over-the-top. It also plays into the noughties nostalgia that everyone’s raging over right now perfectly”, says Ojas Kolvankar, stylist and creative director.

This pairing brings to mind one iconic 2000s look that’s gone down in red carpet style history.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake elicited many double-takes when they showed up at the American Music Awards 2001 in matching denim ensembles. Britney dressed up her Kurt and Bart patchwork gown with a rhinestone choker, complete with a bedazzled waist chain and stacked bangles.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Mayer via Getty Images

The idea of pairing them with natural diamonds is to collide and synergise different aesthetics: casual and rare, functional and over-the-top.

– Ojas Kolvankar
Left to right: On Sana – Bracelet, Notandas Jewellers. Ring, Om Jewellers. Ring, Harakh | On Preet – Bangle, Tara Fine Jewellery. Ring, Navrattan Jewellers. Ring, Moksh – Fine Unseen Jewels. Bands, Faith by A.S. Motiwala.

Of course, your denim and diamonds moment does not require this level of dedication to the theme.

Ojas suggests, “A button-down denim shirt can be accentuated with layered diamond chains. Coordinated sets are also great for showcasing the versatility of diamonds. Sparkly solitaire earrings and a custom diamond hand stack, consisting of a bangle and a tennis bracelet, are ideal with a cute denim shift dress. If your denim silhouettes are bejewelled, diamonds are perfect to pair with them for that extra shine.”

Photo Credit: Robert Kamau via Getty Images

All About Balance

If you’re in the mood for making a statement, eye-catching natural diamond earrings might just hit the sweet spot. The best way to make them night out appropriate: pairing them with denims.

Take cues from Amal Clooney.

In a memorable diamond look from earlier this year, the über-elegant barrister struck a balance between effortless cool girl style and fuss-free power dressing while heading out for dinner. 

Here, statement diamond danglers are the cherry on top of a chainmail-and-denim cake. A cropped blazer adds structure and polish, while metallic heels ensure the footwear doesn’t stray from the theme.

Another aspect to consider is the play of real diamonds against different washes of denim. 

Ojas weighs in: “Denim with darker washes provide ample contrast for your natural diamond accessories to stand out — allowing you to don more diamonds, ideally without a prominent metal base. With denims in a lighter wash, it’s easy for the sparkle of the diamonds to get lost in the pale colours of the denim. So make sure those diamonds come with a noticeable metal base that adds dimension to the look.”

Earrings, Notandas Jewellers. Necklace, Navrattan Jewellers. Bangle, Tara Fine Jewellery. Ring, Moksh – Fine Unseen Jewels.

The cool tones of denim and diamonds also complement each other, creating a cohesive look. 

A statement diamond neckpiece paired with patchwork denim illustrates this merging of high/low perfectly. Case in point: all the hues of blue in Alia Bhatt’s Vogue February 2017 cover shoot. 

Love is in the Layers

Natural diamonds might up the bling factor, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from layering them together. 

“I enjoy and embrace both minimalism and maximalism. I think it’s just a question of what the occasion or space is that you’re dressing for. If it’s for an everyday look, I’d recommend pairing up minimal pieces, and if you’re wearing denim for a more formal event – whether that’s for a large dinner or perhaps a media appearance – I would mix and match with more maximal pieces as well,” says Divya Gursahani, stylist and content strategist.

Earrings, Notandas Jewellers. Choker, Anmol Jewellers. Pendant and ring, Faith by A.S. Motiwala. Bracelet and ring, Kirtilals. Ring, Tara Fine Jewellery

Diamond jewellery trends have brought back the diamond choker, which makes for a layering situation that works out oh-so-well, especially with pendants and drop chains. 

“The secret to layering is to pick pieces with a story. Layers are never built over a short period of time. In fact, they should be pieces that you collect over different moments in your life,” adds Divya.
Move beyond neckpieces and you’ll find ample ways to mix-and-match real diamonds with denim in an understated way as well.

The secret to layering is to pick pieces with a story.

– Divya Gursahani

Divya created a personal diamond ring stack for herself, intended to be worn every day. “I bought my first tiny diamond with my first few months of pay, which was a very important occasion for me. Another diamond ring I have was passed down to me by my mum as an 18th birthday gift. A third diamond ring was bought while I was travelling, so it always reminds me of that particular trip. So now, when I layer these pieces to create a stack, it always brings back good energy and the memories of all of those experiences. I hope to continue adding such pieces to my existing jewellery collection as the years in my life go by and experiences continue to build. That’s the way I think about layering. It’s more about expressing yourself through jewellery as compared to doing it just as a fashion statement.”

Denim can serve as a perfect blank canvas for the sparkle of your most cherished memories. 

So, if wearing your diamonds with irreverence is what speaks to you, bring them out of the jewellery box already. Go dainty. Go bold. Double up on the denim AND the diamonds. 

After all, dressing up is at its peak fun when the only one you’re looking to impress is yourself.