Tania Shroff: One For The Ages

The girl who makes fashion waves one post at a time, tells us the story behind her fiercely individualistic style, love for natural diamond jewels and what inspires her creative spirit.

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Influencer Tania Shroff’s Instagram feed is like a movie trailer. The kind where you can tell that the studio has an unlimited budget. There’s exotic locations, looks hot off the runway, a yacht that makes routine appearances and in the middle of it all is Shroff, the cool protagonist of this magical silver screen offering.

Jewellery: Boodles Ring, Manpriya B Earrings, Tania’s Own Diamond Ring Stack
Wardrobe: Tania’s Own Suit – Vintage, Jimmy Choo Shoes

Born in London and raised predominantly in Mumbai, the tastemaker commands the attention of over 220K followers on Instagram, tuning in from all over the globe. One might think that the gift of this fantasy life comes with certain airs, but a conversation with Shroff clears you of that misconception. She is shy and incredibly soft spoken at first, until she opens up slowly, and then, she’s brimming with ideas. Her creativity manifests in fashion and more specifically, a closet that we can only dream of—it’s packing runway Gucci, Missoni, Richard Quinn, Pucci and cult-favourite brands like Roberta Einer, Miaou, Lirika Matoshi and Dyspnea.

Shroff’s fashion decisions are relentlessly unique—she recently wore custom diamond grillz for her 25th birthday, personifying the new era of luxury jewellery. We sat down to chat about all things style, the sentimentality behind her diamond accessories, and the role that travel has played in her life.

Your lens on fashion is beautifully individualistic. Was it always intrinsic?
While I grew up primarily in Mumbai, my move to the UK at 18 to study at the London College of Fashion, was instrumental in adding to my perspective on style. Not only was I fascinated by brands I had not heard of before, but I was also intrigued by the way people would piece their outfits together.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit several countries in the world. I’ve always loved people watching! I’m in deep awe of varied cultures, senses of style and individuality. My personal style is therefore constantly evolving. Earlier, I liked more dramatic one-off pieces. The more I’ve learned to adapt and grow, I notice my style has become more versatile.

What were young Tania’s dreams?
When I was little, my passion was horses. I wanted to become an equestrian and couldn’t envision doing anything else. A real defining moment for me was when I had an accident. Not only was the recovery tough but I had to figure out a new path for my future.

Being in my 20s has made me realise how important it is to constantly evolve and find myself in the process. I don’t want to limit myself and I’m open to all future opportunities that allow me to express my creative side. I’m still learning so much about my passions, be it creative direction or interior designing!

Jewellery: Diane Kordas Cuff, Boodles, Manpriya B & Diane Kordas Rings
Wardrobe: Francis de Lara Sunglasses, Onarin Shirt, Charlotte Knowles Trousers, Miu Miu Shoes

What was one piece of advice you received while growing up that played an instrumental role in your life?
My dad has always taught me the importance of integrity and treating everyone with respect.

You have an inherent sense of confidence that reflects in your feed especially when it comes to your looks.
In reality I can be quite shy but I use fashion as a form of self- expression.

Your evergreen fashion icons?
Bianca Jagger, Cher and Zendaya. I love how they all have such individual style and they are not afraid to be playful and experiment.

What do you value most about your Indian heritage?
My morals and traditions. I love that even in London, I have a sense of shared culture with my friends who are Indian-origin and born in the UK. My favourite place to visit in India is Kutch, my family roots originate from there, so I feel a special connection. The land has such a rich history, culture and spirit.

As with several Indian families, were any diamond heirlooms passed on to you?
Growing up, my grandmother was definitely my muse when it came to jewellery. I remember being fascinated by her rings as a little girl which she would always let me try on and borrow.  I feel lucky to have inherited jewellery with sentimental meaning behind it.

Your ever changing diamond ear stack has become characteristic of your style over the years.
I love finding little markets or local designers wherever I go, so I can find pieces to mix and match my piercings. I find it cool that my jewellery has stories and meaning behind it. Infact, I got a Maria Tash tragus piercing with my first paycheck!

Jewellery: Noor Fares Hoops, Diane Kordas Stacking Earrings + Choker
Wardrobe: Miaou Corset, Karen Millen Skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

We loved the diamond grillz you recently wore from Gabby Elan Jewelry! Where do you discover new jewellery designers?
For my 25th birthday I wanted to do something special and unique so I got my grillz custom designed. I normally get my ideas from searching the Internet for inspiration whether it’s Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr.

What does luxury mean to you?
My definition of luxury has changed a lot from when I was younger. Now, I believe true luxury is the things money cannot buy you—laughter, peace of mind, and quality time with friends and family.

“Shroff partnered with NDC to create three distinct looks across iconic eras in fashion, paired with diamond jewellery trends from 2022.”

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the 70s?
Bianca Jagger! Her fits not only through the 70s but even the 80s look like they could have been put together today. Jagger really knew how to dress up and even pull off menswear unabashedly. The music! I really love 80s music.

Jewellery: Boodles Bracelet + Ring, Manpriya Bath Earrings, Tania’s Own Diamond Ring Stack
Wardrobe: Tania’s Own Suit – Vintage, Jimmy Choo Shoes

Your favourite thing about the 80s?
The music! I really love 80s music.

Three things that come to mind when we say Y2K?
Paris Hilton, belly chains and flip phones!

Jewellery: Noor Fares Hoops, Diane Kordas Stacking Earrings + Choker
Wardrobe: Miaou Corset, Karen Millen Skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

Rapid fire

  1. Dream diamond purchase?
    Anything which has meaning behind it and that I can pass down in the future.
  2. Next country on your travel bucket list?
    The Philippines!
  3. Three things that bring you joy?
    My dog Bane, Ahan [Shetty] and movie nights!
  4. Favourite destination in the world?
    Tokyo. It is really diverse when it comes to fashion whether it’s cosplay or even high fashion. The Japanese have really nailed the art of layering in the coolest way possible and express who they are through their clothing in a beautiful way. 
  5. One outfit every day for the rest of your life. Go.
    My crystal studded corset look from Gucci Aria. It was really special because I wore it for my boyfriend’s film release which also happened to be my first ever red carpet experience!
  6. Top music artist?
    Abba, always.
  7. Favourite dish to cook?
    I really love to bake, so probably cookies or a chocolate molten!
  8. Three holy-grail beauty products you cannot live without?
    Lip balm, body lotion and perfume.
  9. A beauty look you’ve been waiting to try?
    Bleached brows.
  10. The strangest pet name you’ve ever had?
    TanPon like tampon.

Videographer: Liam Morgan
Photographer: Nathan Singh
Stylist: Freya Monro Morrison
Hair & make-up: Larisa Moldovan
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