The New Era of Self-Expression

Diamonds are shining brighter than ever outside the
binary box of gendered trends they’re placed in.

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Credits (L to R): Necklace - ASM x Faith; Earrings - Khurana Jewellers; Ring - Neha Lulla (small finger), Notandas (ring finger), Kirtilals (middle finger); Earrings - Anmol Jewellers

Be it Harry Styles’ gender-bending aesthetic, Timothée Chalamet’s androgynous style or closer home Ranveer Singh’s daring, unapologetic fashion choices—these celebrities have opened up the conversations around gender-fluid fashion in mainstream media. They’re a part of pop culture’s zeitgeist, so much so that millennials and GenZers are slowly embracing this shift in trends, unafraid to depart from conventionally gendered wardrobe options.

So, what entails gender-fluid fashion? Items of clothing and accessories that are not bifurcated as male or female genders, and allow the wearer flexibility to assert their personal identity. Such fashion acts as blank canvas, unaffected by prevalent gender stereotypes. Take diamond jewellery, for instance. As a precious gemstone, it can be  imbued with fluid qualities that transcend beyond assigned binary gender roles. Diamond jewellery pieces are size-inclusive. Lengths of the necklaces, bracelets and anklets are adjustable and pieces such as brooches, earrings, studs and nose pins can be easily fastened.

Today, jewellery is associated with more than femininity or queerness. Historically, both men and women have worn jewellery, and over time women began wearing it more so often than men. But, of course, for queer consumers, jewellery with diamonds has been a part of their identity, a medium of self-expression or simply mere ornamentation to channel an effortless style.

In the past couple of years, the way fashion designers and stylists have dressed celebrities for public events, award shows and now even airport looks, has made a case for gender-fluid aesthetics. Rigid and binary lines in fashion are blurring towards a progressive and new style of wearing diamonds.

Drawing inspiration from pop culture we have compiled a guide on how to wear diamonds in fluid ways, especially if you’re new to the world of natural diamonds:

Start small to make a big impact

Begin to experiment with easy-going, minimal pieces. Signet rings, eternity bands, charm jewellery, ear studs and diamond-encrusted huggies are great styles to start off your collection. They are not only pocket-friendly buys but also allow the wearer to experiment with their  pieces by stacking them up or keeping it clean. 

Today, when it comes to natural diamonds, the rules have changed. The shiny bauble is no longer restricted to occasion wear. For instance, one can sport a signet ring or ear studs effortlessly with denims and a basic T-shirt or even a relaxed-fit printed shirt for a day out.

Credits (L to R): Instagram @bradpittofflcial; Instagram @hardikpandya93

Brad Pitt donning a signet ring, Hardik Pandya wearing diamond studs and Koala charm in a ball chain.

Ring: Small Finger – H Ajoomal; Ring Finger – ASM x Faith

Invest in fail-proof, versatile pieces

In the latest season of talk show series Koffee With Karan, actor Ranveer Singh confessed he borrows his mother’s diamonds – and we are all for it! Using pieces from your family or friend’s wardrobe, or collecting natural diamonds together can be a great bonding experience, while also letting you refresh your style with pieces which have a shared history. Look out for pieces that are gender-agnostic, such as brooches, lapel pins and cufflinks, perhaps passed down as family heirlooms or even new buys. Even a solo accessory can make your outfit stand out with stark simplicity.

Take cues from celebrities such as Rami Malek who wears a Panthère de Cartier pocket gem and Travis Barker who sported a Lorraine Schwartz white diamond feather brooch at the Oscars 2022 red carpet.

Credits (L to R): Instagram @niccoloy;
Brooch: Ruaani

If you’re daring enough, take it up a notch by opting for androgynous styles like that of Timothée Chalamet’s shirtless look where he is seen sporting Panthère pendant necklace or Joe Jonas’ onyx and diamond necklace set in platinum from Fred Leighton.

Credits (L to R): Instagram @joejonas; Instagram @onlynaturaldiamonds_in
Necklace: Anmol Jewellers

The all-new boys club 

Musicians and sportsmen make a case for maximalism in fashion with their accessories. While the classic diamond tennis bracelets, tennis necklaces and multiple layered chains top the charts, extravagant diamond grills are also not a rare sight anymore. Turn to the likes of Justin Bieber, Lenny Kravitz, Lil Nas X and closer home Badshah who ace this trend effortlessly. These celebrities definitely swear by more is more mantra when it comes to their bling.

Credits (L to R): Instagram @onlynaturaldiamonds_in; Instagram @badboyshah

Justin Bieber wears a tennis necklace and Badshah goes OTT with tennis bracelets and diamond rings.

Rings (R): Small Finger – Jaipur Gems; Middle Finger – ASM x Faith; Rings (L): Small Finger – H Ajoomal; Earrings – ASM x Faith

It’s safe to conclude diamonds are not just girl’s best friend any more. Long gone are the days when these pieces were only synonyms to celebrating a milestone for women or a marker of status and wealth. Today, these stones are catering to people from all age groups; millennials to boomers as well as gender identities across the spectrum. They have taken on a whole new meaning; from becoming symbolic to an individual’s identity politics to showcasing one’s personal style. Gender-fluid diamond jewellery will continue to shine.