Viva Diamonds & Magenta!

The Pantone colour of 2023 makes the perfect canvas for your forever natural diamonds.

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The Pantone colour Institute chose Pantone shade 18-1750, aka Viva Magenta, as the colour of 2023. This deliberate and decisive choice is rooted in the collective need for optimism and joy. With movements like Dopamine Dressing and Revenge Fashion taking mainstage in the past year, it is clear that the world of fashion is looking for a rebellion towards all things that spark joy. When Valentino ushered a barrage of bright pink garments down the runway, Barbicore made its big debut and took the fashion landscape by storm. This infusion of colour gave a certain sense of optimism to a world that was re-emerging from the pandemic.

The colour Viva Magenta is a rich hue that falls aptly between Fuchsia and Poppy Red. Safe to say this shade is a more refined take on 2022’s Barbiecore. Infused with the cheeriness and joy of bright pink, along with the intensity and passion of deep red, this shade is already taking over the runways. From the gowns at Off-White to splattered pantsuits of Issey Miyake, designers are already digging deep into this shade. When it comes to styling this vibrant hue, natural diamonds serve as a perfect layer of glam. Making an apt canvas for a luxurious layering of diamonds, Viva Magenta will make any version of sparkle shine a little extra.

Read on as we list ways to add natural diamonds to your magenta wardrobe:

Layer up

Earrings and Bracelet by Renu Oberoi Luxury Jewellery

Layering is an intricate art of mixing unexpected pieces and creating a complete look that comes together as a whole. These unrelated pieces together unite to make an added impact that otherwise lacks as a stand-alone. The same applies to diamonds. When layered over an unexpected piece of clothing, i.e., a turtleneck, a piece of jewellery pops further, in this case, the link chain bracelet. Adding a statement earring to a high neckline gives a base for the jewels to create more impact.

Play on placements

Earrings and Ring by Renu Oberoi Luxury Jewellery, Ring by Sajjante, Necklace by Kantilal Chhotalal; Top by Pink Porcupines,

When it comes to wearing your natural diamond jewellery, placement is something that we easily overlook. However, when dabbling into this season’s trendiest colour, don’t forget to let the optimistic hue catapult your creativity and explore new ways of reinventing your classic jewellery. Wear an earring, a brooch, or a statement necklace, like the one here, into an anklet on a pair of bright stockings.

Double up on shine

Chainlink Neckpiece and Earrings by Renu Oberoi Luxury Jewellery, Ring by Malabar Gold and Diamonds; Outfit by Pink Porcupines

Most of us find it easier to gravitate towards letting the idea of diamonds being the key feature of shine and sparkle to an outfit. However, the radical new share may just inspire a radical thought of doubling down on the shine when choosing a final look. Play up your favorite metallics by adding your investment diamond pieces for an evening out to create a look that is bold and unapologetic in every way. 

Make a statement

Necklace by Renu Oberoi Luxury Jewellery, Earrings by Sajjante

Go bold or go home is the underlying message of Viva Magenta this coming year. Amp up your basic look with a choice of eye-catching accessories, and then add some statement-making diamonds to your look to finish it off with an added punch of luxury. The playfield of fashion has no rules, and when it comes to pairing jewellery with accessories, there is no wrong or right. Pair a statement earring with a fascinator or a bracelet over a pair of gloves, and let the diamonds play the field.