From Idols To Diamond Jewellery: Ganesha Inspires Us All

The extraordinary love and care that goes into making Ganesha idols from clay are a reflection of the craftsmanship that transforms natural diamonds from rough jewels to timeless heirlooms.

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Bluestone, ORRA

Every year, devotees pay their respects to their beloved Lord Ganesha by worshiping Him in the form of intricate idols which have been sculpted in clay using time-honoured techniques and iconography. These have been handed down from father to son and from master to apprentice for over 125 years, with each generation elevating their craft to ever greater epitomes. The love and attention lavished by expert craftsmen upon every intricate detail make each handcrafted idol as unique and precious as natural diamonds. Ganesha idols are crafted from the earth; diamonds too are formed by the earth and then created by skilled craftsmen to unravel the brilliance within them. This year, journey with us through extraordinary natural diamond jewellery designs, inspired by the iconic image of Ganesha, as we celebrate craftsmanship at its finest.

Ganesha-inspired Brooch

This brooch, from a collection honouring Lord Ganesha, acts as a reminder that he will help you overcome any obstacle.

Ganesha inspired Diamond Brooch by Anmol Jewellers
A tribute to the magnificence of Lord Ganesha as we trust he is watching over us. Anmol Jewellers

Ganesha-inspired Pendants

Your beloved Shri Ganesha will always be close to your heart with these luminous pendants.

Ekdanta form Diamond pendant
Ganesha inspired Diamond pendant
Ganesha and Om diamond pendant

Ganesha-inspired Earrings

Draw strength from these Ganesha-inspired earrings that will remind you that He is listening to your hopes and dreams all the time.

Ganesha inspired Natural diamonds ear studs
The delicate trunk motif is made with 10 natural diamonds juxtaposed with the bold hexagonal form of these sparkling ear studs. Bluestone

Ganesha-inspired Rings

With the latest diamond ring designs on your hand, especially when adorned with the god of auspicious beginnings, you can be sure every task will be smooth and effortless.

Om and Ganesha garlanded with a frame of natural diamonds
Ganesha's head diamond ring design
Ganesha's head diamond ring design

Ganesha-inspired Bracelet

Adorn your wrist with a lovely Ganesha-themed bracelet to honour all the grace, flexibility and hard work that your wrists enable you to undertake.

Elegant bracelet, adorned with sparkling Natural Diamonds
Highlight your inner glow with this elegant bracelet, adorned with sparkling natural diamonds. Gehna Jewellers

Apart from the Ganesha Festival, you can invite the blessings of Lord Ganesha into your life all through the year with exquisite natural diamonds. Ganesha-themed diamond jewellery designs remind you that He is lovingly honing you into the best, most brilliant version of yourself.