Amulets of hope: Ganesha Inspired Jewellery

Start afresh this Ganesh Chaturthi with divine blessings
and an added charm of gold and diamonds.

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Ganesha Diamond Pendant

Jewellery (L-R): Aisshpra Gems & Jewels, Kirtilal, Gehna Jewellers, and Caratlane

Known as the god of prosperity and good
fortune, many turn to Lord Ganesha to invoke
his blessings before starting a new project,
venture or a new phase in life. 

As the world inches back to normalcy amidst the pandemic, the upcoming auspicious festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is an apt time to start anew with the blessings of the divine. 

The son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, Ganesha is also considered as the remover of obstacles. He is the patron of arts and sciences, intellect and wisdom, and is represented in 32 forms. From being a symbol of fertility, wealth and abundance to being a protector against evil, there is much to take inspiration from and be inspired by.

Jewellers and designers have taken their cue from the 32 manifestations of Ganesha and given their own creative spin to create symbolic pieces that beseech a higher power. Here are 10 natural diamond jewellery pieces that emulate Ganesha and all that he stands for.  

Soliciting Peace

Replace your worries with a sense of peace and calm as Sankatahara Ganpati eliminates your sorrows. This diamond-studded Ganesha plays the flute to bring melodic tranquility to your life.

Jewellery: Candere by Kalyan Jewellers
Ganesha inspired diamond pendant
Ganesha diamond pendant

Powerful Accessory

This statement pendant is inspired by the story from the Ganesha Purana in which Ganesha rode a peacock in order to destroy Sindhu, a demon. The diamond and gold piece is a powerful reminder of your faith in Ganesha’s strength.

Jewellery: Navrathan Jewellers, Bengaluru

Positive Manifestations

This pendant takes its cue from Tryakshara Ganpati who is known as the Lord of Aum, the primal sound on earth. The design cleverly weaves the symbol of Aum into the body of Ganesha. With this pendant in tow, surround yourself with positive vibrations to help you achieve all that you intend to do.

Jewellery: CaratLane – A Tanishq Partner
Ganesha diamond studded pendant
Ganesha inspired diamond studded earrings

Shower of Blessings

These diamond and gem-studded earrings that suspend a curtain of delicate gold mesh are a sight to behold. Kshipra Ganpati quickly rewards his devotees. Similarly, the inward facing elephant heads will comfort you knowing that the god of prosperity is always watching over you and showering you with good fortune.

Jewellery: Gehna Jewellers

Gift of Prosperity

For those looking for a more vibrant piece, these Ganesha ear studs revel in Indian craftsmanship and culture and beseech the elephant god in the form of Nritya Ganpati as he brings success to devotees in the fine arts. The power of diamonds combined with emeralds and rubies are enhanced with blue enamel, highlight the colours of prosperity.

Jewellery: Aisshpra Gems & Jewels
Ganesha diamond ear studs
Ganesha inspired diamond ring

Gems of Solace

A cute, diamond-studded Ganesha comfortingly wraps his trunk around your finger giving you resilience and comfort like Sinha Ganapati gives great courage and strength. The ring ends in a pearl, an additional element believed to offer protection, good luck and wealth.

Jewellery: Narayan Jewellers

While you may begin honouring Ganesha during Ganesh Chaturthi, you don’t need to bid good bye to him at the end of the festival. A diamond-studded piece of Ganesha jewellery will ensure that the god of good fortune is always by your side all year round.