Diamond Essentials That Gen-Z Swears By!

The ultimate guide to building your natural diamond jewellery collection.

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Jewellery: (Left) Earrings & Bracelet – Notandas Jewellers, (Top) Rings – Khurana Jewellers, Bracelet – H Ajoomal, Layered Chain – A.S. Motiwala X Faith, (Bottom) Earrings – Hazoorilal Legacy, Studs – KAJ Fine Jewellery

Zendaya’s curated red carpet looks are nothing without a hint of artfully chosen jewellery. Pairing hot-of-the-runway looks with bold natural diamonds, Zendaya’s looks have a sense of finesse that’s rarely observed in a young actor. Elsewhere, Hailey Beiber’s bathroom selfies showcase a perfect blend of high and low pieces–pairing jersey crop tops with a diamond ring or a tennis necklace.

Closer to home, the likes of Shanaya Kapoor and Suhana Khan are rarely seen without a mono diamond pendant worn with a thin gold chain or a pair of huggies. The obvious deduction to make from observing them is that fine natural diamond jewellery is a must-have amongst the Gen-Z crowd. What’s unique about these up-and-coming style icons is the nonchalance with which they wear sparkle as a part of their style. 

You don’t have to have the stylist of an A-lister to get your diamonds in order. Start building your collection, one memorable piece at a time. Here’s how.

Jewellery: (Left) Earrings – H Ajoomal, Bracelet – Kirtilals, (Top) Bracelet – Anmol Jewellers, (Bottom) Right Hand – Brown bracelet – Khurana, Black Bracelet – A.S. Motiwala x Faith, Small finger – KAJ Fine Jewellery, Ring Finger – Notandas Jewellers, Left Hand – Small Finger – Neha Lulla, Ring Finger – Notandas Jewellers, Middle Finger – Kirtilals

By the gram

Diamonds have always been the ultimate It-Girl go-to. Madonna to Audrey Hepburn, there is something striking about a girl that wants to buy her own jewellery. Regarded as a symbol of luxury, affluence and even power, celebrating milestone moments with jewellery has been something of a cultural phenomenon. As the Indian economy grows and purchasing power in the hands of the younger population increases, the growing inclination towards natural diamond jewellery over yellow gold is evident. Moreover, members of the Gen Z are careful to invest in timeless style and tend to value the longevity of a product’s life cycle rather than to simply make peace with passing trends. Investing in pieces that have reuse value are certainly in alignment with their conscious consumption patterns.

In the era of HDR, the value of a purchase is also the number of likes it garners on social media. Platforms like Instagram are about a lot more than keeping in touch with school friends. They have evolved into spaces where aesthetics can be developed and discovered. Curated ears, arm stacks, close-up crops of layered necklaces are highly searched and replicated–proving that these are trends that have appeal across borders and are here to stay. 

Jewellery: Jaipur Gems
Jewellery: Notandas Jewellers

Stack and Go

If you prefer daintier pieces, a layered style is your go-to. Typically worn close to the neck, a layered diamond necklace or a curated stack of several necklaces of varying lengths doesn’t demand attention but whispers of your elegance. Depending on your proclivity for sparkle, pick natural diamonds that feel more in tune with your personality.

There’s no such thing as having one too many stackable rings–in fact, that’s the whole point of owning them. In addition to your curated ear and arm stack, that matcha latte post feels extra special when served with a side of shine.

Jewellery: (Top Left) Layered Chain – A.S. Motiwala X Faith, (Bottom Left) Layered Chain – A.S. Motiwala X Faith, (Right) Right -Hand Bracelet – Notandas Jewellers, Rings – Neha Lulla, Left Hand Rings – Neha Lulla

Make an entrance

The boldest and most statement-making piece to own is a reverie necklace. There’s an air of ease and power that can be associated with the no-nonsense circle of natural diamonds which can be paired with a power suit just as much as a crew neck t-shirt. It can be the perfect piece to wear to your best friend’s wedding brunch or to a date night. Undoubtedly, the reverie necklace is an investment, but one that cements your style as iconic. Go neutral with square or round cuts but those who can’t help thinking left of centre can opt for a stunning set of marquise.

A close friend of the reverie necklace is obviously the more popular tennis bracelet. Made popular in country clubs, the tennis bracelet is the epitome of blending classic glamour with sporting styles. It proves that diamonds can be worn to athletic activities and more. Pair yours with a fitness tracker, or simply with yet another tennis bracelet comprising of different shapes or cuts for a complete look. While a tennis bracelet is the perfect companion to casual looks, an elegant bangle has something stately about it. For formal events or when you’re dressing up for a festive occasion, let the natural diamond bangle be the focus of your look.

Jewellery: Rose
Jewellery: Rose

Here to stay

Hoops are for the wearer that likes to put themselves under the spotlight.

Unapologetically maximal, diamond hoop earrings draw attention to your face. Hoops with heavier detail can be the perfect companion for a cocktail evening. Half-hoops or more simpler styles can bring a touch of glam to a pantsuit–and don’t need to be reserved for special occasions.

Studs have and always will remain in the arsenal for a quick dose of pick-me-glam. It’s no rocket science that the right pair of diamond studs will bring a sparkle in your eye, make you hold your head higher and even make you take a double glance at yourself.

Jewellery: (Left) Studs – A.S. Motiwala X Faith, (Right) Studs – A.S. Motiwala X Faith
Jewellery: Gehna Jewellers
Jewellery: Harakh

Building a jewellery collection is a matter of discovering your taste. Start with pieces that feel personal and timeless to you. Whether you like the spotlight on you and tend to lean on bold styles or are more about that soft Cali glam, there’s a huge spectrum of styles to choose from. Jewellery is about creative expression and an extension of your personality.  Let the best of you shine through.