Timeless Style Stories with Deepti Gujral

Runway model Deepti shares notes on her personal style, Lakmé Fashion Week and love for natural diamonds

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Jewellery by A S Motiwala Fine Jewellery

The year 2020 unravelled significant shifts in the fashion landscape, it gave us a lesson in rooting for sartorial classics as they never fade in charm. Like the classic white shirt, a chic black dress or an elegant sari for that matter. Talking about classics, a natural diamond is a symbol of slow fashion, an heirloom that is above any market disruption. Rooting for eternal romance and timeless fashion, once a diamond,  always a diamond.

Speaking of diamonds and classics, one such sparkling star on the runway is the effervescent Deepti Gujral. At the maiden, digital edition of Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW) 2020, we went behind the scenes to catch up with Deepti to decode her mantra of classic wardrobe staples, favourite LFW picks and her fascination with natural diamonds.

About Deepti
Reigning on catwalks since 2002, model Deepti is an intimidating personality, only until you get familiarized with her candid humour and feisty appeal. A brief acting stint in Bollywood, a reality show host on MTV, successful model and now certified yoga instructor—Gujral has donned many hats only to emerge as a woman with many facets and stories to share.


After exchanging a few pleasantries and laughs, she spilled the beans on how she likes to pair her diamond jewellery and her top wardrobe picks from fashion week.

She also expressed her love for the princess cut, “I like natural diamonds in a princess cut set in an elegant and minimalist design. I value everlasting charm over passing trends.” 

Diamonds: What do they mean to you?
DG: Diamonds are the reservoirs of family histories, keepers of secrets and monuments of memories. I’ve seen that anyone who has bought or been gifted a real diamond, has a special connection with their jewellery that transcends beyond the material value of the jewel itself.  

“My most precious piece of diamond jewellery till date is a ring I bought for myself with my first pay cheque; I never leave the house without it.” – Deepti Gujral

Which was your favourite trend from Lakmé Fashion Week 2020?
DG: I love that ‘sustainable fashion’ has dominated this season and that the clothes are fuss-free and easy to wear. The slow fashion space is both an emerging and exciting paradigm for the conscious shopper today.

What was your favourite look from the season?
DG: I particularly like Hemang Agrawal’s collection and would definitely love to take some of the saris home!

Your dream diamond?
DG: A big fat rock! Why not? *laughs* To be honest, I like natural diamonds in a princess cut, set in an elegant and minimalist design. I value everlasting charm over passing trends.


Your most memorable moment of 2020?
DG: I love how we have embraced the new normal, especially at work. My most memorable moment would be catching up with the crew during LFW, on and off the ramp.

Describe your work-from-home wardrobe choices
DG: My wardrobe today is all about getting the basics right – from t-shirts, well-fitted white shirts to a pair of luxurious, high-waisted jeans. When I want to go glam or for a virtual party, I go back to the trusted little black dress. And never without an accessory.  Something with a print,  I’m in love with prints or a scarf, scarves are making a comeback and finally, a touch of bling with some delicate diamond jewellery.

What’s on your jewellery wish list?
DG: *sigh* a Cartier Love Bracelet! The classic silhouette interspersed with natural diamonds is a timeless, pure and feminine style.

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